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Subsistence is pure substance, a game you can’t miss out on! 1

Metal Gear has just taken itself to an all new high with the expansion pack of Snake Eater. Subsistence contains 2 discs, disc 1: Subsistence and disc 2: Persistence. Disc 1 features the entire Snake Eater game with an all new 3-D camera. Snake Eater is very realistic in its own way. It is survival of the fittest and Snake is just the man for the job. On the survival viewer screen you have a backpack which contains all of your stuff such as weapons and accessories. Food lets you replenish your ...

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An easy candidate for 'PS2 game of the year 2006' 0

Final Fantasy XII provides the best RPG action in today’s games. Despite a relatively poor performance by Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII truly lives up to the expectations of many fans worldwide. The game follows the day-to-day activities of a young boy named Vaan whose ambition is to become a sky pirate. As the days pass by and the Imperial rule starts to strengthen, Vaan decides to sabotage an operation. Well everything ends up an entire mess and soon after your found locked up alongsi...

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Easily the best Role-Playing game ever made. 0

Sora, Goofy and Donald are back on yet another perilous journey which takes them far into the world of Disney, and this time around, they do it in style. Kingdom Hearts 2 is arguably the best RPG ever made. Every aspect of KH has improved, graphics and sound are much more smother, the game is lengthier than before but still manages to prevent the missions from being too repetitive. Great voice casting and tutorial are the big improvements in the game along with some new additions.Firstly, reacti...

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God of War II is a memorable experience from start to finish 2

God of War 2 Is the much anticipated sequel to 2005’s God of War which featured intense action, brutality to the max and over the top action. Luckily, GOW 2 manages to do the exact same thing.GOW 2 has tweaked its features a bit, the most notable of them is the ability to grapple onto various points using your blades. Other new features include new magic and weapons, but sadly the combat system hasn’t changed dramatically. The story catches up exactly where GOW left off, Kratos is the new GOW an...

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