Giant Bomb is Confusing

Some of the first images I uploaded to the site were screens for Alan Wake. I added them to the Alan Wake page and they went into my queue, awaiting moderation. Later in the day I read the site's FAQ page and under the images section it said , "Do not submit images with watermarks!" Oops! I guess I should have read that page earlier. Roughly half of the screens had big watermarks on them, so I figured they'd be denied. But no, all the images were approved, even the watermarked ones! This gave me the impression that perhaps watermarks were okay, as long as they were from a game's official site and not a gaming website like IGN, GameSpot, etc.

A few days later I submitted some images for the games Sly 2 and Sly 3 from the official Sucker Punch website. They had a small copyright watermark in the right hand corner, and I figured since the Alan Wake images got approved these were okay. Wrong! Those images were denied and I got a PM from a Giant Bomb staffer explaining that the images were denied because it was site policy to not accept any images with watermarks in them. He said that if I took the time to crop out the watermarks and reupload them they would be accepted. I did so, and sure enough, they were accepted. Okay then, no watermarks. Got it.

Since then I've been uploading screens without a problem. Some screens I uploaded for inFamous got accepted today, so I went to check out the game page and look at all the screenshots, and found that not only had my images been accepted, but some other guy's images had been accepted too, and on them was the same watermark that had been on my denied Sly 2/3 images (if you're not following me, inFamous and the Sly Cooper series are made by the same developer, and every image on their website has a copyright watermark on it). Huh?

Now don't get me wrong. I love the site. I understand that it's new and they're still working things out, and I'm not angry that this guy's images were accepted or anything. I just think the site is currently a little confusing. It's not just image uploading either. For example, a character is supposed to be one person or thing with a fully fleshed out, unique personality, while a race of creatures should fall under a concept page. You would think the goomba page would be a concept page, but no, it's a character page. Goombas are surely a race of creatures though. There isn't just one goomba. You stomp on tons of them throughout Mario games. Either the help page is not specific enough to help me understand the site's policies, or the people accepting all these entries don't understand the site policies.

 I'm sure they're working on it, but they really need to flesh out the help page a little more to make things clearer, and then get all the mods on the same page so they know exactly what should be accepted and what shouldn't. I love Giant Bomb and appreciate all the hard work that everybody is putting into site, but man, you guys are confusing the hell out of me.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Now onto the normal boring shit I usually type. When I got my new Rock Band bass pedal yesterday, I plugged it in and played all day. I finally managed to get the Flawless Drumming achievement (get 100% on any song while drumming on expert). That took a while, but I really only started playing on expert last month, so I suppose it's not too bad. The song I FC'd was Pain and Pleasure by Judas Priest. It's a really easy song and nothing to brag about, but hey, at least it wasn't Silver. I always seem to choke near the end of all songs I'm about to FC. In fact, on the run of the song I did before I FC'd it, I missed on the last note. Oh man, was I pissed. I'm normally not one to throw controllers, but I was about one second away from throwing the drum set across the room. I managed to settle for the drum sticks, though. I've also been trying to beat the two songs I have left on the hard drum tour. I finally narrowed it down to one song: Run to the Hills. Right now, I can roughly get to the solo before failing, which is a big improvement over a few weeks ago, when I could only get to the beginning of the second verse before blowing it. I think with a bit more practice I could have this one in the bag.