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Smilebit serves up another stylish, standout classic. 0

 - Intro - Hip, modish, daring and dashing are the words that can most accurately describe the Jet Set Radio series. The first game, entitled Jet Grind Radio for the American market, defined gaming standards. It is obvious that it broke barriers of game themes and content by using the absurd idea of rebellious teenagers roaming the streets of a futuristic Tokyo and spray painting every wall in sight. Not selling nearly as many copies as expected, especially in the Japanese market that us...

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It shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea... 0

 Nearly three years have passed since Yu Suzuki's brainchild was first unveiled into the gaming world. Captivating the imaginations and countless hours of gamers across the planet, the first Shenmue game was a visually charged and powerful masterpiece; a game that had not been realized on consoles in recent years. It included an engrossing storyline, realistic graphics, charming and memorable characters, a city brimful with exploration, and more on top of that. To say the least, it was th...

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