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Most underrated racing game last gen ? 0

I mean seriously, huge beutiful world. Plenty of cars and events. Good driving model.What is special about this game is its post apocaliptic feel. just driving around the endless map is so addicting to me. I still fire it up from time to time, just to drive around in the sunset, snap some screenshots and relax while listening to bombcast.Highly recommend as atmospheric piece. The game still holds up graphically today.The act of racing itself is not the best thing in this game but I think review...

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Easily most underrated fps last gen 0

Game is just incredible. Atmosphere, characters, music. Just everything. The story always have me hooked when I replay the game. Sure it can get a little clunky at times but with the right mindset, its incredibly atmospheric game. All those details and emotions!!! man... Shame its not on pc.Edit: Just a quick edit - the scene where You can watch "To kill a Mockingbird" with Jenny is my most beloved emotional scene in gaming. When I was watching the movie with my gf, she had no idea how great mom...

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