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@rick_fingers: Curious as to what credit Howard deserves for the GFC success. Other than pissing away the mining boom on middle class welfare and tax cuts.

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@inkerman said:

Australia's economic situation is actually illusory, we've been kept afloat by the mining boom. If you subtract the profits from the mining boom, we've been in recession for some time, because the rest of the economy is fucked. I'd also point out that some of Labor's policies have been less than exemplary, like the ridiculous tax back stimulus package. I'm not saying it didn't help, I'm saying there are far better plans out there than "Throw money at people".

The insulation scheme was fucking nightmare (it killed three people and caused god knows how many fires), and the schools infrastructure program was a similar clusterfuck and a huge waste of money. IMO the NBN is just a huge boondoggle which most of the country doesn't need, and the way it's set up is basically creating a monopoly (Imagine if Telstra was the only company allowed to sell you 4G, that's basically what the NBN is for fiber networks). Labor's asylum policy has easily been their biggest disaster. Howard's policy worked, and then Labor destroyed it for no reason, panicked, and then tried to sell asylum seekers to Malaysia, drop them in East Timor (without asking the East Timorese) and now they're going to resettle them in PNG as if PNG is a country that could possibly support them! Oh wait it can't, so we're going to pay for PNG to develop enough so that it can.

And this is all ignoring the insanity that Labor has been for the last 6 years. Dropped two PMs because the polls looked bad, tried desperately to defend a man who sexually harassed staff when they made him Speaker, continued to defend a literally corrupt politician even after the AFP started investigating him, and let's not forget the untold damage done to the Australian cattle industry and our trade relations when they banned live exports overnight because of one story.

So yeah, I'm voting for the party that's not a clusterfuck.

The insulation scheme was disastrous, there can be no doubt about that. The school halls certainly went over budget, unsurprising given that its main purpose was to stimulate the economy and its over expenditure/ delays have been vastly over-hyped by the Libs and The Australian.

Your statement on the NBN being a monopoly is completely misinformed. We already have a virtual monopoly with Telstra owning virtually all of the copper network. At least with NBN Co. (which will almost certainly be privatised by the tories) it will be a separate entity which only wholesales out to ISPs.A coppere/fibre network is in fact what economists call a "natural monopoly" which means it is in fact more efficient to be delivered by one party preferably that party should be the government.

The Asylum seeker problem has been a joke ever since Labor decided that an "East Timorese" solution under Gillard. It is worth noting that during the Howrd era there was drop in migration throughout the world. More recently that has gone up quite substantially.

Also were you at all paying attention to what the judge had to say in the Slipper case? He basically accused Mal Brough and James Ashby of setting up Slipper for political gains.

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Just going to leave this here:

This is all nice on paper but it should be mentioned that almost all of the minor parties in Australia are affiliated with or part of the coalitions led by the two major parties of Australia. Be it the Coalition led by the Liberal Party or the Australian Labor Party, which together comprise of 143 of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 65 of the 74 seats in the Senate. Then you have the thorny issue of the Australia Press:

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Looks exactly like the US. Just change "The Age" to be Fox.

(Pssst) Liberal means conservative in Australia.

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Just going to leave this here:

I'm glad to see that was posted here. People do not have to vote for one of the majors.

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It sucks. Labor is no good at promoting the good things they have done, especially our strong economic record during the GFC. The PNG solution is horrible and seems to be an effort to kowtow to public demand to 'stop the boats' (which isn't an actual problem from my point of view, other than the fact that asylum seekers put their lives at great risk in using those methods)

So there's nothing that can be done to stop it at this stage. Rupert Murdoch will be quite happy - papers like the Daily Telegraph have been making me hugely infuriated of late and I've resigned myself to tomorrow's result.

The shit they've been running this election is pretty disgusting. They have basically declared that they are the Fox News of Australia now and will run nothing but propaganda for the Liberal National Party.

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So all this cyber stalking has revealed... what exactly?

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So all this cyber stalking has revealed... what exactly?

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So he really didn't commit to anything in this post.

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Seems fine on my system.

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@raethen said:

So many amazing moments, but for me nothing will beat the images in the credits. That would be an amazing game. Also, the reveal of the narrator was awesome.


If that aspect of the ending is some sort of hint for Saints Row V, I'm all in.

Man if saints row 5 involves time travel that would be the best thing.