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My new story-Return of the Islands

 The Island People have returned.Back to those magical islands,basically known as Isl. Llama Island, the people loved llamas. All that they did was somehow related to llamas.The football team was called The Llama Island Llamas. Even the animal hospital has a special "waiting room" for llamas.The people were normal, but just liked llamas alot. The island was surrounded by Guinea Pig Island, Bear Island, Airplane Island, Volcano Island, Fish Island, Pirate Island, and Dinosaur Island. On Guinea Pig Island, people loved guinea pigs. It was kinda the as Llama Island. On Bear Island, people loved bears.It is the same as Llama Island, too. on Airplane Island, pilots who didn't want to be pilots anymore went there. The island had planes the pilots could fly anttime they liked. Everything there is controlled by pilots. Volcano Island is different. You know what happened to the islands in the little "incident" that happened there.. On Fish Island fish walk on their flippers. On Pirate Island, pirates found treasure, and eventually they started living there. If you thought dinosaurs were extinct, think again. On Dinosaur Island, dinosaurs live there. And talk! But one day, Robot Island was built. The robots were evil and did not respect the other islanders. They were bullies and loved to pick on others. They thought it was funny. They sneaked up behind others and stole their things,  instigated, lied, and pointed at people. Their leader, Robot Parts, was much worse than the other robots. He had lasers and he used them to destroy the stolen items or use them to make other robots. He lied to the other islanders. He played pranks on people. He knocked on peoples' doors and ran away, put fire crackers in toilets, prank called people, put whoopie cushions everywhere, therw food, knocked over trash cans, made alot of noise, screamed in peoples' ears, pulled hair, beat people up, got attitudes, put "Kick Me" signs on peoples' backs...


I'm updating my lists today

Read them, they

Characters or things that should be smashed under a 100,000 pound jumbo jet, or burnt

I generally just hate this things. They need to be gone.

things that are cool

1. Princess

This thing is an annoying little brat.

2. Zombie

Stupid Jerks

3. Super Mutant

Man, this is whats worse than a mutant. Once Ive been hearing stories from Brotherhood members about them.Once one told me that they saw a power suit and brought it back to the citadel and it has broken in half.He said that when they opened it it was blood,bones,and mutilated body parts in it. What a sad story.

4. Enclave

Dumbs idiots should get both of what I said. No one kills my dad and gets away with it! NO ONE!!!

5. Drugs

All of this.Every last type.Gone.Includes alcohol. Excludes toothpaste.

6. Hooker

Hooker go bye-bye

When Good Men Go Bad

5. 50 Cent
6. Banana
7. Balloon
8. T-Virus
9. G-Virus


1. Edgar Ross

He's a corrupt lawman.He got John Marston to do his dirty work.After that,he gunned him down on his own property.Talk about dirty!!!

2. John Marston

He was a outlaw.Probaly still is.He shot Dutch off of a cliff.Just Because someone told him to!

3. Vault 101 Dweller

Shim(him/her)can easily get addicted to chems(drugs)and alcohol.How can you protect someone while high or drunk!And anyway,how can you get addicted to something that isn't real!

4. Niko Bellic

He kills alot of people.Niko,have a soul!

5. Carl Johnson

He thinks he's a gangsta' or at least try to be.

6. Luis Lopez

Hangin' with gay people and killin' gay people.How Sick!

7. Vito Scaletta

Why would you kill people if you're a veteran of World War II.

8. Shadow the Hedgehog

He even isn't a man and is bad.In the opening scene he shot incapitated Sonic in the head.That damn monster!

9. Doctor Octopus

Don't listen to those...(Murdered)

10. Yoshi

Wild Little Thing(WLT).Wait,not thing,thang.

11. Leon S. Kennedy

Mean't to be cop.Not.No regard for human life.

things you should not do or think about

If youre smart you wouldn't.

2. Edgar Ross
3. Shadow the Hedgehog

Who or what I wish to be on the next Fallout game

1. Beer
2. Whiskey
3. Wine
4. Alcoholic Beverages
5. Cigarette
6. Cigar
7. Snuff
8. Death
9. Drugs
10. Gun
11. Gin
12. Champagne
13. Vodka
14. Steroids

You are going to be a Brucie clone.

15. Cocaine

You see what happened to those characters on GTA?

16. Murder
17. Marijuana

I fear what will happen if you used this...

18. Fire
19. Boob Slider
20. Breasts
21. Breast Bounce
22. Rape
23. Assault
24. War
25. Nuclear War
26. Nuclear Bomb
27. Nuclear Fallout
28. Knife
29. Meat Cleaver
30. Throwing Knife
31. Kris Knife
32. Sword
33. Shotgun
34. Super Shotgun
35. Sawed-Off Shotgun
36. Gnasher Shotgun
37. Rifle
38. Sniper Rifle
39. Pulse Rifle
40. Assault Rifle
41. M18 Recoilless Rifle
42. Type 38 Rifle Arisaka
43. Rocket Launcher
44. Rocket
45. Drunk Character

These are awkward.

46. Bomb

Don't... Wait is that the Giant Bomb?!

47. Radiation

It kills people. Poor people.

48. Morphine

It is still a drug.

49. Chemical Warfare
50. Acid
51. Deadly Gas
52. Cyanide
53. Characters Without Pupils
54. Eye
55. Orc
56. Spikes
57. Chainsaw

Avoid this if you are crazy.

58. Chainsaw Dueling
59. Saw
60. MG42
61. Pimp


62. Hooker


63. Prostitution

and HIV

64. Pills
65. Bar
66. Pub
67. Tavern
68. Jet
69. Ultrajet
70. Diazepam
71. Red Sand
72. Psycho
73. Mushroom
74. Berserk Pack
75. Med-X
76. Rad-X
77. Profanity
78. Profanity in the Title
79. Triptocaine
80. Syringe
81. Syringe Gun
82. Eye Poking
83. Disease
84. Chaos
85. Hepatitis C
86. Malaria
87. Diabetes
88. Corruption
89. Corrupt Government
90. The Corrupted
91. Corrupted Disciple
92. Corruptor
93. Crooked Cop
94. Betrayal
95. Baldness

Keep your hair.

96. Shaved Head

As I said.

97. Convict
98. Buzz Cut


99. Sociopath
100. Psychopaths
101. Jerk
102. Jerkin'
103. Extreme Violence
104. Gore System
105. Happy Killing
106. Killing Rats
107. Boss Killing His Henchmen
108. Giant Killing
109. Team Killing
110. Killing Children
111. Exploding Head
112. Sexualized Men
113. Innocent People Die
114. Unrequited Love
115. Cartoon Violence
116. Cartoon Cutscene
117. Cartoon Character
118. Cartoon Physics
119. POV Cutscene
120. Interactive Cutscene
121. Live-Action Cutscene
122. Cutscene Dissonance
123. Comic Book Cutscene
124. Cutscene
125. Opening Fight Cinematic
126. Cutscene Pause
1. Moira Brown
2. Vault Boy
3. Vault 101 Dweller
4. Brotherhood of Steel
5. Sarah Lyons
6. Paper Money
7. Car
8. Talking Animals
9. Disease
10. Radiation
11. Violent Plants
12. Profanity
13. Gun
14. Boat
15. Assassin
16. Baditude
17. F.E.V.
18. Dramatic Death
19. Heroic Journey
20. Heroic Sacrifice
21. Acid
22. Radiation Suit
23. Reincarnation
24. Escape From Exploding Building
25. Depression
26. Bleeding Out
27. God Beams
28. Fainting
29. Loss of Consciousness
30. Fatigue
31. Flashback
32. Torture
33. Vomiting
34. Open World
35. Interrogation Flashback
36. Interrogation
37. Aggressive Door-Opening
38. Cheating Death
39. Playing Dead
40. Betrayal
41. Changing Sides
42. Sanity Meter
43. Backstab
44. Burning
45. Multiple Endings
46. Cutscene
47. Cutscene Equipment Mismatch
48. Live-Action Cutscene
49. Interactive Cutscene
50. Opening Fight Cinematic
51. Customization
52. Customizable Characters
53. One-Man Army
54. Extreme Violence
55. Evil Organization
56. Evil Laugh
57. Boss Fight
58. Multiple Enemy Boss Fight
59. Body Hair
60. Wailing and Screaming
61. Corpse
are good


Hello,I am Chris Mcfarlane a.k.a.HIEDIAROBALX I write story's.Also,I am a big fan of video games.Each time I write a story or buy a new game I will post a blog about it.