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Characters or things that should be smashed under a 100,000 pound jumbo jet, or burnt

I generally just hate this things. They need to be gone.

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  • This thing is an annoying little brat.

  • Stupid Jerks

  • Man, this is whats worse than a mutant. Once Ive been hearing stories from Brotherhood members about them.Once one told me that they saw a power suit and brought it back to the citadel and it has broken in half.He said that when they opened it it was blood,bones,and mutilated body parts in it. What a sad story.

  • Dumbs idiots should get both of what I said. No one kills my dad and gets away with it! NO ONE!!!

  • All of this.Every last type.Gone.Includes alcohol. Excludes toothpaste.

  • Hooker go bye-bye