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When Good Men Go Bad

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  • He's a corrupt lawman.He got John Marston to do his dirty work.After that,he gunned him down on his own property.Talk about dirty!!!

  • He was a outlaw.Probaly still is.He shot Dutch off of a cliff.Just Because someone told him to!

  • Shim(him/her)can easily get addicted to chems(drugs)and alcohol.How can you protect someone while high or drunk!And anyway,how can you get addicted to something that isn't real!

  • He kills alot of people.Niko,have a soul!

  • He thinks he's a gangsta' or at least try to be.

  • Hangin' with gay people and killin' gay people.How Sick!

  • Why would you kill people if you're a veteran of World War II.

  • He even isn't a man and is bad.In the opening scene he shot incapitated Sonic in the head.That damn monster!

  • Don't listen to those...(Murdered)

  • Wild Little Thing(WLT).Wait,not thing,thang.

  • Mean't to be cop.Not.No regard for human life.