(Sorry for the bad English). This always seemed like a must for me, but the fact that I owned a PS3 and the port always received poor reviews prevented me from buying it, because as a fan of Devil May Cry, I knew that a bad framerate really could ruin the experience for this kind of game. So when I finally set up my new shiny and slim Xbox 360, I started thinking of what game I could get that I previously couldn't play, and this one immediately popped into my mind. And I must say... it is mindblowing. I thought I would probably liked it, but nowhere near this. In fact, I could say it's probably my favorite action game for this entire generation. Doing the Climax on that final boss with that ''Fly Me To The Moon'' remix is absolutely unforgettable. The combo combat system is so fine tuned it hurts, and the amount of crazyness in the game fits the tone of the game just perfectly.

Such a bummer that Bayonetta 2 is being released as a Wii U exclusive, but it's better than no sequel at all... the industry really needs more games of this kind. A masterpiece.