My First Vlog - New Beginnings.

So I have wanted to do some sort of videos on You-Tube for a while, I used to do old video game montages but they got took down due to copyright. Then There was the Let's Plays which in all honesty looks like a whole mess of work, so I decided to just do a simple vlog. I decided to start a fresh You-Tube account as well, my old account although had 77 followers, had a bunch of strikes against it due to my old videos. Plus for some reason it listed my age as 31, which bugged me. My new account name is "Hizangable" and my new profile can be found here. I will try and post a few videos this weekend to get the thing rolling, possibly me ranting about Mario Kart 7 or Skryim (Yes they will be game oriented vlogs"

Please be kind and if your on You-Tube feel free to leave a comment on the video and if you like what you see stay tuned for the futurenessnessness of Hizangable. (That is such an awesome name!)