That cigar comes right at the screen like WHOOAAAH!

I was hyped for this game.

This game was announced early last year, I knew as soon as I heard about it that my 3DS would be all worth it. I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, I've played all of them multiple times, I know what characters are going to say before they have even said it. So as you would get I was really interested in this game, seeing as there was nothing else out for the system I was more excited. So the months went by and then wait hold on a second, Konami announce a HD Collection that will include MGS3, MGS2 and MGSPW. Which as its a HD Collection would be cheaper than the 3DS game that only features one of them.

This seemed at the time a crazy happening in so many ways, Konami in that one second killed a lot of the sales for the 3DS game, I mean why buy a game which will not look at good and probably won't play as good for the same price as this other better looking game to play on your TV that by the way consists of three games. Now I'm not a business man, but the clever thing would have been to release the 3DS game, then a few months later announce the HD Collection. But then Konami proceeded to delay the 3DS game so it will come out after the HD Collection, by that point people who wanted to play MGS3 would have got the better version and then not really want to play it again anyway.

So at that point I decided to not get the game, even before it had come out as it got delayed until March. The HD Collection in Europe also got delayed until February, so I was at a MGS loss over here. So I enjoyed the HD Collection reliving my fond nostalgia for the games, as well as experiencing Peace Walker for the first time. March rolled around and hey guess what, it didn't get too many great reviews. Reviewers mention it had big frame rate issues, low on content in comparison to the HD Collection and the controls were fucked up without the Circle Pad Pro. All of this in combination with me just having played through the HD Collection back to back, as well as me having a huge lack of interest in the 3DS itself (Even considering selling it I did not get it.

Recently I gave my 3DS a second chance, the reason I never got into the 3DS was because there was zero games I had for it that interested me much. I beat Super Mario 3D Land and played some Mario Kart but other than that it was a wasteland. So a couple of weeks ago I bought myself Kid Icarus Uprising, the game was great and I've played a fair amount of it now. That was all it took, I then regretted not getting into the 3DS sooner, I needed more though. I went out the next day and bought myself Mario Tennis Open, enjoying that way more than other people seem to be too. I then went on the eShop and picked up Pullblox and Mighty Switch Force and Super Mario Land 2 The 6 Golden Coins.

Today is payday, I have a fat wad of cash just waiting to be spent in my bank account, I just beat Lollipop Chainsaw too so I felt I needed a treat. Next week will be a big game week though I told myself, what with a new Spider-Man, Harvest Moon and Ratchet and Clank HD Collection coming out there was nothing out this week. I looked in the sales and I saw the Snake Eater 3DS Game just sitting their, I thought what the hell not and here we go. I've played a fair amount, up until the start of Operation Snake Eater, so far it's going alright. The cutscenes look great and some parts of that game seem like they were made to be 3D, that fucking cigar comes right at you! The gameplay itself is good, I have the Analog Pro thing and I think it works fine with that. The bottom screen makes managing items easier and quicker, it can be quite finiky and sometimes too responsive but it does alright from what other reviewers said to be atrocious.

So after all this time I am happy to say its great, I know there are a lot of people who decided not to buy this because of the HD Collection and the poor reviews, but if you have the money then I recommend it. Its cheaper now and the 3D Effects work really well. Oh and I should probably say that the actual game, is fucking amazing, no shit.