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GOTY 2012

This was not a bad year for games.

Many people keep telling me how bad this year was for video games, well allow me to show you my list then you tell me that again.

List items

  • Before August I had not played Borderlands and had no intention of buying Borderlands 2, I played Borderlands once before for an hour but got bored and stopped. In August when there was nothing else going on I managed to get a copy of Borderlands again, I played a whopping 30 hours worth completing ever side mission and everything. I had a great time, I told myself I would not go and play Borderlands 2 in fear of burning myself out, so after I beat it I went to sleep, woke up with a burning desire to play Borderlands 2!

    I went down and picked up a copy, I went home and spent the whole day playing Borderlands 2, over the month I spent about 40 hours locked into the world of Pandora. Not one second did i get bored or burnt out or anything, I think having played Borderlands so close I was able to appreciate every little improvement. The mini map, the aiming refinements, the points system, bad ass points, story, characters, environments, boss fights, humour, soundtrack almost every single thing was better. On top of this I also played the Pirate DLC halfway through the game, so thats about 50 hours. Now that I have the GOTY list out of the way, I am going to jump in and play the new DLC and play some more Borderlands 2, my Game of the Year for 2012!

  • Journey was an emotional ride start to finish, Journey is unlike any other game I have played. flOw and Flower were both cool games and Flower especially was really good. Journey is the most game like but it still captures the feel of the past games. Journey works well and is as high as it is due to the emotional attachment you have to your partner, I had two and was heart broken when I lost my first partner. The game looks and sounds outstanding, the art style works really well and is the best looking PS3 game I have seen.

  • So every other game on this list would not upset anybody or even make people curious, but Little Inferno needs some explaining. Little Inferno was the first Wii U game I bought, I needed something and the quick look of it seemed like simple dumb fun. Little Inferno's plot is trickled slowly out through letters that you get from three people, most of then come from your neighbour Sugar Plumps. The plot has many dark and mysterious tones and throughout the game it gets crazy dark, crazy light hearted and then crazy emotional. I'm talking Journey style of crazy here, if you enjoyed games like Braid and The Unfinished Swan then you will enjoy this.

    The gameplay is really fun to, there isn't much to it but the way its dolled out is addictive. Each time you buy a new object a new object is unlocked, your always burning something new. The combo system keeps it fresh with your trying out multiple items to see what fits. There is not a lot to the game, but thats another reason its amazing, Nancy explains this game well...

    " Little Inferno is not like other games... There are no points. There is no score. You are not being timed. Just make a nice fire...

  • I had intended for The Walking Dead to win this GOTY thing, multiple friends and multiple websites have called it there GOTY. But when I thought about it, I just have to admit I did't really like "Playing" the game. Everything about the dialogue branches and plot and art style and soundtrack is superb and sets a high bar for story in video games. I cared about Clem more than any other video game character this year.

    But the walking around, looking for items and solving puzzles was not fun, when I got stuck i just FAQ'd my way through so I could get to the good stuff.

  • Far Cry 3 was this years surprise, I hated Far Cry and I didn't really get into far Cry 2. After hearing good things about Far Cry 3 though I decided to risk it and see what i thought of it./ Turns out its an incredible game that features some fun hunting gameplay and stealth action. The only reason this isn't higher on the list is because I went and did all the hunting really early on, so the 75% of the game I had left was not as enjoyable due to the lack of the hunting. But the story was enjoyable and Vas is such an amazing dude, I really hated that game and liked him at the same time.

  • Mass Effect 2 was my GOTY last year, Mass Effect 3 is still a great game but doesn't quite live up to the expectations I had. Which doesn't mean the game is bad, it's one of the best games this year. But Mass Effect 2 was such a hard game to follow, Mass Effect 3 still gets the job done with a whole bunch of interesting dialogue and choices. Mass Effect 3 was when I started to stop thinking that I always need to pick the blue option, if I wanted to do something nasty I would just go ahead and do it. I was satisfied with the ending, I didn't get all angry about it like others seem to.

  • I never played the original Max Payne, so I had no history or nostalgia while playing this game. Despite that I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, it had a large amount of great action sequences with a great main character who reminded me very much of The Punisher.

  • Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O Press O.

    That part was pretty awesome right!

    Honestly though, I really liked this game, it was just so batshit crazy over the top nonsense that I can get behind. I mean at one point you punch a planet sized god to death...

  • Sleeping Dogs is a great open world game that I had no intention to buy, but after the quick look I was sold. The story was a well told undercover cop plot and the game had a fantastic hand to hand combat, a first for the genre.

  • Last year was a disappointing year for Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 was not a bad game, but I just found the campaign mode rather boring and run of the mill. Black Ops II brings it back on board and I found myself addicted yet again to the multiplayer, plus I actually was able to follow the plot in the single player as opposed to the usual where I have zero idea of whats going on.