These games are the reason video games are awesome.

I have been playing video games my entire life, the earliest memory I have is playing Super Mario Bros 3. Well when I say playing it, I mean my mother would be playing it and I would be holding a unplugged controller thinking I was playing. Ever since then I have devoted a lot of my free and not free time to playing and thinking about video games, video games are one of my biggest passions in life.

These are the games why.

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  • Banjo-Kazooie is my favourite game of all time.

    I have made this point clear to anybody who asks me, but I can find nothing wrong with Banjo-Kazooie. I think it looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, plays fantastic and I just absolutely adore it. Now some of you may think that my mind is clouded in nostalgia, being that this was the game that came bundled in with my N64 and I spent a large chunk of my childhood playing this I would agree with you. But there has not been a year where I have not played the game, in fact I'm going to say that since I acquired it I have beat it at least twice each year.

    Banjo-Kazooie is everything I want out of a video game, it is a bright and colourful world full of interesting characters and environments. Banjo-Kazooie had a soul, which is where Super Mario 64 (For me) fell short. I love Super Mario 64 to, but the one thing keeping it from taking Banjo-Kazooie away from my heart, is Super Mario 64 had no soul. Banjo-Kazooie played better than Super Mario 64, had better worlds, had way more characters that often had humorous dialogue and its world just seemed more attractive than SM64's did.

    I never understood people who thought Banjo-Kazooie was not better than Super Mario 64, but those people are not me, so i will never know.

  • The earliest memory I have is this game, it wasn't the original version though it was the All Stars version. My parents told me that out of the four games on all Stars this was the only one that I was interested in playing. Looking at the games now it's easy to see why, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2 never clicked with me, I have only finished Super Mario Bros once and not really got far in 2. But I have completed this game dozens of times, I managed to beat it in my childhood at a young age, I think I was 5. Ever since then my parents knew that I loved video games.

    Even since childhood, I managed to squeeze time for this game into my life. I picked up the GBA remake, which is probably the best version of the game but this debate is for another time. I also went back and bought Super Mario All Stars and bought the Wii version. Anytime I crack out my SNES I always end up slotting in game that started it all, still having a complete and utter blast.

  • Although I had Super Mario Kart, I never really got into the series until Mario Kart 64. Mario Kart 64 was just such an amazing game at the time and to this day remains my go to Mario Kart. It just has so much charm, each level had a certain amount of care put into the track making all of them unique and cool.

    Did you know that you could go into the Super Mario 64 starting area? Did you know if you jump off the huge ramp on Rainbow Road at the start you can make a really long shortcut? Did you know that this game is awesome?

  • I never had many N64 games a child, I think that the lifespan that console was relevant I had about 6 games. When I aquired a job aswell as buying a ton of new games for the current systems I had the money to go back and buy games I never did. My eyes were set on my N64 as I knew there were games out there I hadn't played.

    The N64 is a hard system to go back and play if you didn't play it back then, I acquired about 30+ N64 games since then and most of them I would play when i get it then never play it again. Conkers Bad Fur day is probably one of the only exceptions, I played it in 2008 for the first time and have played it a few times since then too.

    I was a huge fan of this style of game, but Conkers Bad Fur Day may have looked like them but it sure as hell was a different experience. It is a fantastic game but that is not why I put it on this list, I put it on the list because playing through the game for the first time, I was able to treat it as a game not a N64 game. I wasn't stopping and thinking, man this looks shit or these references sure are dated! I was enjoying it for it being a funny and fantastic video game, that is reason enough.

    Although I can see why my parents never wanted me to have this one as a child, my parents were clever and saw the rating instead of all those stupid parents out there who assumed it was a kiddy game.

  • My mother got me and my sister a copy of this game each, I got Pokemon Red she got Pokemon Blue (This may be the reason why I always choose red over blue in multiplayer situations) but we only had one Gameboy, my one. We spent ages fighting each other to see who would get a go first in the morning, I always made the argument that because its my Gameboy I should get a go first. Neither my sister or my parents saw it that way, because I was older they often told me I could wait and let her have a go first. Funny how every time it was my go the battery red light was on..

    So yes I played a bunch, I replayed the game many a time, always choosing different Pokemon each time. Pokemon was a good holiday game, when your traveling or just sitting around waiting to go out Pokemon is a life saver.

  • It's hard to remember being jobless, I have been working since the summer of 2008, ever since then I have had a very large amount of disposable income. Its how I got 90% of my game collection today. Before I got a job the only way I would get games is through Birthdays, I got £3 a week pocket money, so I was able to get some games through that but they would have to be very cheap. So to make sure I could keep playing more and more games, I would only keep games the very best games, anything else would get traded back in so I could use that money to buy new games. Well one birthday my parents got me The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I looked at it and said thanks but I was kind of gutted I didn't get the game I asked for. Well lets just say I have never been more wrong.

    Oblivion took over my very life, as a child I was only allowed to play video games on weekends and on Friday evenings, my parents never stopped me playing them on weekends of course but they always liked to encourage reading and studying. But after I got Oblivion my entire weekends would be spent lost in the world of Cyrodill, I haven't ever gotten so deep into a games world before. I think my total time is over 400 hours spent playing Oblivion over the course of two years, thats a lot of time.

    I had never really played RPG's before, I had never really played a game like this before, or a game that looked this amazing. My breath was taken away at the vast landscape and the very fact that I could travel anywhere and do anything made it all the more incredible. I remember feeling quite scared, for the first 10 hours or so I never ventured far from the Imperial City. I made a name for myself in the Imperial City, helping out a local shopkeeper Thoronir, helping an old fisherman and fighting my way through the arena. But when the champion of the arena asked me to go out far away to a dungeon, that was it, I went out and didn't return for about 30 hours. I just got sidetracked and before you knew it I had forgotten all about the arena.

    Skyrim never clicked with me, I haven't played Oblivion since the release of Skyrim, but if I had a choice of choosing between Skyrim or Oblivion I would not hesitate when choosing Oblivion. Skyrim does fix alot of the issues that Oblivion has, but it seemed very dark and depressing where as Cyrodill had much more life and colour.

  • My parents never let me play World of Warcraft, they thought it was a crazy scam, why should they pay out monthly for a game when they just thought you buy a game and thats that. I still wanted my MMO fix, so I came across a site called Miniclip.

    I'm not sure if it still exsists, but Miniclip was a website in which you could play multiple flash games for free. Its where I found Club Penguin, which I was also playing at the time. I then stumbled onto Runescape, looked a bit more at it and it pretty much looked just what I wanted, plus hey its free!

    So I signed up under the name FredGoon and spent the next month addicted like it was my drug, I spent many a time wandering the free to play realm of Runescape chatting with friends I had made, getting my skills up, exploring the world, completeing quests and just having a blast.

    My account later got banned, some guy tricked me into giving him all of my stuff and I called him a twat. That was abad move and I lost my account, after that I quit for a bit. Not for too long and I was back under the account name of Hizang, which is my account to this day. This is where I spent the most of my time and effort, I remember being very proud of my prayer level that was at a very high level. High enough to get an immunity to melee, ranged and magic attacks.

    After I got a job I went back and bought a membership, that was where I fell off on the game though, I think the part I enjoyed about Runescape was how big and how small it was, it was big enough that i had lots of room to explore but small enough that I knew my way around. The membership area was far to big and way to different, so thats when I stopped playing.

    I go back every now and then to see whats different, but I will never capture the same experience again, locked in my memories.

  • I was never taken home after school, my mother worked at one of those after school club type things. So every day after school we would meet up with a bunch of other kids, then taken to a large building and slightly entertained until it was time to go home. The one thing that kept me sane through this was the N64, they managed to get there hands on a N64 with a copy of this game. It has been a while, but i think this is the only game they had, to avoid fights from people who want to change the game.

    It was pretty much most days just me and a group of us sitting around playing this until we went home, it's probably how I got so darn good at the game. I also had the game at home so I played a whole bunch of this game, which again was why I was unbeatable. I could wipe the floor with any child there and my sister and even parents at home.

    I would main Kirby, always and forever, his ability to take abilities wasn't what drew me to him. It was his ability to fly and his downward sword strike and his ability to turn into an anvil. Fuck this game was awesome, even today I would much rather play this than Brawl or Melee, although Melee is a fantastic game.

  • I know what your thinking.

    I don't care what your thinking, I enjoyed the shit out of this game as a kid. I was a mega Simpsons fan back as a kiddy, I would watch it every evening, one episode would be on at 6 while the other would be on at 7. So when my dad got me and my sister The Simpsons Wrestling, you can guess how happy I was.

    I had never played any wrestling games before, so I had no bar to fall under or sore across. I ate the game up, I spent ages playing through this game, I would not do the story mode as that got mad difficult towards the end. But me and my sister played a bunch, but what made this game was the cheat system.

    The cheat system added extra characters and even some characters and stages only made available through cheats (Itchy and Scratchy). No I haven't played it since I was a child, yes this game probably doesn't hold up anywhere as good as I would have liked it to, but I had more fun with this than I did with Pac-Man, there i said it!

  • Prepare to be Snap Shot!

    That was my catchphrase, my name in the game was Snap Shot and before I started a match I would type that phrase in. Metal Gear Online was hated by many, loved by few, I was one of those few. Before this I had not spent much time playing online, I had recently started playing resistance Fall of Man online and that was my first console online experience.

    That may have had a hand in why I enjoyed it so much, I was also quite good. My weapon of choice was the sniper riffle, which is odd because I never really liked using snipers in games before and even now I'm not a huge fan. But I kept using it and got really good at it, I was also very good at rolling out of the way of shots.

    My favourite mode was the Snake VS soldiers mode, I would keep playing until I got to play as Snake. It was incredible cool sneaking around stalking enemies with them not knowing where you are at all. Playing as the MK II was also really fun, if only to run around and tease the guards.

    I kept with the game for a couple of years, I made it into a few expansions, but by the time Raiden and Vamp came around I was long gone. I played some matches before it went offline, it's sad to see that you can no longer play this. But I'll always have the memories, plus all the friends I made along the way.

  • I never owned a Gamecube, my sister did though, me and my sister would wake up each Saturday and usually play a game of Mario Party 4. It was our first Mario Party game and although we did play Mario Party 5 and 7 for a while we never did get as in to them as Mario Party 4.

    Every weekend our mum would invite her friend over, her friend had a kid my sisters age, every time he came over we played a round of this three player for years. It was like a weird ritual, but hey this is a fantastic game and easily the best of the series. Mario Party 9 is just so off base and I do hope if they get another chance they bring it back to this kind of gameplay.

  • PC gaming wasn't really what me and my sister did, The Sims was pretty much the only game we played. Both of us spent years and years playing around with The Sims and there expansions, but while she just messed about I went into crazy hardcore mode.

    I spent a year or so crafting my own unique story, I created every single person living in the town, created there house every single one was unique and fitted there character. I would use the rosebud cheat to have no limits, but I went even deeper. One of my characters was called Hizang (Where I got the name), he was one of the main protagonists Fred Goon (Google that!) best friends. He was a celebrity chef, so I built a luxury house, I would get him a job as a chef and work my way up the career path in order to get him as a proper chef. This would make no difference though because the way I told my story was via the in game camera, which would take place on Fred Goon's house, but I went crazy detailed.

    The plot never finished, I spent years just going and going and going. It started around a slob who managed to get the job of s secret agent, who took down a criminal mob boss known as Randy Razor. Who was in love with Lacita Lovegood, who was in love with Fred Goon. It was a great story that had some very emotional characters, when I read it out to my parents i would use voices for each character.

    No Sims game ever came close to this, both Sims 2 and 3 failed in my eyes, it will never match the original.

  • As a kid when your parents tell you that you can't have something, you generally want it more. This was what I wasn't allowed but desperately wanted, all my friends at school had it and told me every day all the stuff that they get to do in this game. It sounded fantastic and once my friend snuck it over and I got a go, I had to keep pestering my father and eventually it worked. My father bought it on the condition that I wasn't allowed to tell my mother, granted again, I was 8-9 years old.

    Call it bad parenting, call it good parenting, I just called it a bloody miracle! At long last i could roam around a city and do whatever I wanted, my sister got all wierd and followed the rules of the road and never commited any crime. Watching her drove me crazy, because when I would play I would drive around like a maniac running people over, using the weapon cheat so I can spawn a tank in and blow shit up!

    The story was great, but as a kid the story never grabbed me to much. All I cared about was getting far enough in the story that I had the ability to freely go on the second main island, then I could have the roam of the city. All I wanted was to drive fast and kill lots, oh to go back to the mind of a child. I can't do that kind of thing anymore as I get bored, but back then I loved it.

  • I have beaten the original Metal Gear Solid over 200 times, at the very least.

    Until I decided that Banjo-Kazooie was my favourite game at around 2008, if somebody asked me what my favourite game would be I would say Metal Gear Solid. My dad got the PS1 with a copy of this, my dad is not a fan of watching games though so soon decided it was not for him, he then gave me the game and the PS1. I spent the weekend playing through the game, I think I cried four times during them game, (I happened to get the Meryl dies ending) granted I was about 8 or 9 years old.

    I just had never played or even seen anything like this, I was used to watching cartoons and playing Spyro the Dragon and Mario, not getting attached to realistic characters and then getting crushed when those characters died. The game itself was quite hard, or at least i found it hard playing through it back then, but playing the game isn't the best part about the game as I'm sure you all know,

    It was the characters and the interaction between the characters and the voice acting that made the game. The characters all were fleshed out and had there own personalities and fantastic voice actors, especially Solid Snake. I got upset multiple times as I mentioned, Wolfs death, Meryl getting shot, Meryl's death and Gray Fox's death.

    I was also blown away by the massive Master Miller is actually Liquid Snake reveal, I had zero idea it was him and I was literally gobsmacked and my parents where there when it happened, they said I didn't move for at least a minute. The reveal of Naomi being a villain torn me to shreds, I loved her as a character too, fuck this game is amazing.