Ass-Holding Gentlemen:Diagnose

Yep. Another new series. Hip hip motherfucking hooray..... Oh,and also check out my logo i will be putting in front of text:

 Ass-Holding Gentlemen's club :D
 Ass-Holding Gentlemen's club :D

Anyway,have you ever wondered in what category of gamers you fit in? Well,this brief article is here to tell you....
Newbie-Often a new guy in a certain game,but can also be a new guy in the world of gaming in general. In both cases treat this kind of gamer with a lot of patience,let him show what he's got,give him advice,and most importantly,don't laugh at him if he does something dumb,which he will without a doubt do multiple times. With his dumbshitness in a game,he will piss you off,but if you see he wants to learn don't give up on him! The newbie phase is fairly short,so just be patient-who knows,you just might get bested!
-The "noobness" of a gamer is a character retardation manifested in communication with other gamers online,but its also very obvious in real life,unless of course the guy that watches a noob isn't a noob himself. A noob will always see himself as a master that never makes mistakes,and anybody that kills him is hacking. A noob is extremely loud, younger that 16 years old,doesn't take other people's advices,story in games is an unknown thing for them and he shows zero intention of fixing his attitude. In short-he is dumb.
Gamer Vulgaris-An ordinary gamer
Elitist-An extremely hated kind in the gaming word,and for a good reason. Elitist share some similarities to noobs,but they have a completely different interest. While a noob is a screaming idiot,elitist are more intelligent gamers,that focus on a genre or more often a single game,and what they play they lead to special efficiency,expecting for their hard work to be recognized and awarded,and even expecting the rest of the population to act like them. Most elitist are in MMO games and FPS games
Pro Gamers-Professional players are...special. Some might call am idiots who can't do anything but play games. Since they are so good at it they find sponsors,compete in tournaments and live by doing that. Some even leave school for gaming which,i hope you will agree,is retarded.
Fanboy-One the most irritating kinds of gamers,which don't know how to talk right with normal people. If you start arguing with them in real life-slap that bitch!
No-Lifers-Video game addicts,that mostly won't admit they are a part of this category,even despite all of the symptoms. Since this is all triggered by some sort of problem (sometimes not even related to games),removing of that problem would get them to come out of their cave.
Hope you enjoyed reading ;)