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The best Transformers game in the last 10-ish years 0

  This is probably the best Transformers game in the last 10-ish years. No,its not based on any of the movies,but the authors made their own stories for the game,with help from Hasbro. As the name suggests all of the battle go on a robot planed Cybertron! Anyway,Megatron wants to get the Dark Energon,and use it to destroy the Autobots once and for all. The story is told through 2 campaigns-Decepticon and Autobot,and the Autobot campaign is tied to the Decepticon campaign,which is cool idea be...

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Only good for Amiga vets 0

  Oh yes. Alien Breed:Impact is the remake of the legendary game made in 1991.,for the even more legendary Amiga. But to younger gamers that won't mean jack,so lets say that AB:I is an isometric Diablo-like shooter WITHOUT any RPG elements. Yeah,AB is no RPG,but a straight up shoot em' up! The story is sub-standard. Basically,yiour ship collided with another ship and both ships are filled with aliens you need to kill with shotguns plasma cannons,machine guns etc.,so they wouldn't kill you. Dee...

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The authors of this game should be beaten up with a rusty pipe 1

  The authors of Prince of Persia:The Forgotten Sands should be beaten up with a rusty pipe. Why? Because the PoP:TFS is an insult to the usually pretty good Prince of Persia series! We (the gaming population) expected this game to be at least alright,but the end result is something horrible...TFS was supposed to return the Prince to his root and make him agile and stuff like that again,but why make dumb stuff up when in the Sands of Time continuum (which is the continuum this game takes place...

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