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An obsession with death. 0

On a collapsed piece of highway, he and the structure are now, almost selectively, being pulled upward toward the beast's monstrous orifice. It's colossal presence stirs the futuristic city into debris, the golden haired athlete within its grasp, who just moments before was being cheered by a stadium of thousands. Now, the grip of an old mentor is all that keeps Tidus from floating into the abyss. Holding the hotshot by the scruff of his collar, suspended, flailing, and screaming, the grizzled...

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Total Punk 0

Final Fantasy VII spans across several forms of graphical perspective, all introduced not more than a few minutes after selecting a ‘New Game’ with that squeaky, white gloved cursor. In truth, it’s not at all different from Squarsoft’s usual avenues of storytelling: an opening movie sequence, an explorable environment, and finally a battle screen. Now leaping to 3D, however, the context switching between the three looks nothing short of audacious. CGI pulls a camera sharply away from the city of...

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Soon you'll be a monster, too 0

People who play League of Legends are an angry bunch, by now you must of heard. Being one of the worst online communities in history is at this point both an understatement and undeniable fact, compelling even Riot Games to take action against its players' uncontainable ego. They've actually added features designed solely to discourage the incessant negativity, recently awarding virtual ribbons to 'friendly' gamers (heads up -- they aren't). Maybe the game isn't fun, you wonder, but then judging...

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Hands free immersion 0

It’s become rather conventional for today’s games to open with a roller coaster of CG animation, scripted sequences and quick time events. It’s just what big name titles have to do these days to engage the player, like the first episode of a debut TV series where you can practically see the producers in the background throwing money at huge props, computer graphics, and expensive explosions. But what glorified linear sequences in games and grandiose episodes of TV series have often taught us is ...

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Because it's 2013, of course. 0

Fal'Cies serve as the supernatural workers of Final Fantasy XIII's world, demigods that shelter humanity in a sphere-shaped structure called Cocoon. There they nurture the citizens' every need, cradling them in the sky above the feared and wild earth below known as Pulse. But as Final Fantasy XIII begins, that floating paradise is being dismantled. A foreign Fal'Cie from Pulse has found its way inside, erupting a panic between a fleeing civilian resistance and military groups attempting to "purg...

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A fun, if disingenuous experience 0

Framed for the murder of the empress he was to protect, Corvo awaits his execution from the prison cells beneath a corrupt, industrial era empire. The setting is fictional, of course, but huge draw distances lined with puffing smoke stacks on a polluted, yellow watered lakefront work a kind of realistic wonder with Dishonored -- the Unreal Engine 3 always full of surprises, it seems. And you'll get to see plenty of it, as a resistance movement called the Loyalists have researched your personal h...

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Hypnotic violence 0

It’s 1989, Miami, Florida. You’re at your bachelor pad when the phone rings, seems it’s gone to voice mail. Past neon colored carpets, a sleeping hooker, and flies hovering over left open pizza boxes, it’s almost like you can smell the cigarette smoke emanating from the game world as you walk over to the answering machine. The message says some nonsense about you having to pick up laundry, so naturally that means hopping in your 82 Delorean out front, driving to some hideout, and putting on a fr...

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Defusal or Death 0

Against a ticking time bomb and an enemy willing to die alongside it, you are the last Counter-Terroist alive. Footsteps muted, you tip toe into the bomb site as the steady beeping of the device creeps upon the silence, the microphone chatter of fallen teammates hushing to a panicked whisper. The last terrorist is here, somewhere, waiting for you as he gambles the clock. The bomb ticks faster, your eyes glue to the screen, your entire nervous system ready to react to the slightest hint of moveme...

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Not So Hot 0

One of the first “toys” I could throw into my Little Inferno fire place was a credit card, an unsettling notion that didn’t exactly instill confidence in my purchase of Tomorrow Corporation's latest title. Touching the plastic to the heat quickly swallowed it in flames, and from these flames coins would spew that I’d then collect and spend on more toys. It’s pointless, but what’s both cruel and interesting about Little Inferno is that it knows its pointless, and yes, perhaps even a waste of mone...

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Typical fare 0

When a video game character takes an arrow through the heart, context matters. In a battle, you could simply toss them a potion to regain their lost health, or maybe conjure a healing spell. But cutscenes are a whole different deal, entirely. A story is being told more directly now, so death is a finality. No phoenix downs here, sorry.And a few cutscenes into The Last Story, you will witness a party member take that arrow through the heart. It's a dramatic sequence, where the game's hero, Zael, ...

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Still the sexy king of Japanese mecha 0

There are hints of potential greatness throughout Zone of the Enders: dog fights between agile war machines, high speed action with stunning camera work, and a story of innocent youth caught in the midst pointless bloodshed. Most notable, though, is the Orbital Frame -- the weapon you pilot -- Jehuty. Because when it comes to cool looking robots that have defined much of Japan's most popular cultural exports, Jehuty could easily be the sexiest.It has the aerodynamic look of a machine, a crystal ...

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Eerily aware of its own incredibility 0

Squall is nearing the end of his studies at Balamb Garden, a campus host to mercenary youths who study combat skills and magic as everyday course material. Here, girls can still be found gossiping in hallways, and boys picking fights over petty insecurities. For Squall, those childish urges leave him a scar, a nasty gash across the face from a rival classmate's gunblade, the weapon itself a true representation of the bizarre balancing act that is Final Fantasy VIII. Where realistic and familiar ...

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A piss the bed nightmare if there ever was one 0

It’s weird how playing a lot of one particular game can affect your mind. It’s there when you close your eyes, it mingles with your dreams, and your thoughts just seem to pass through the game’s perspective. This is actually called the Tetris effect, coined when people played a lot of Tetris and couldn’t help but think about shapes for the time afterwards. They would ponder over their plans for the day and it would feel like T and L shaped blocks forming in their head.Vincent’s case is a little ...

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