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Crackdown Review 0

Crackdown was released in a time where all open-world genre games were all very similar. It seemed like all of the games were trying to cash in on what the Grand Theft Auto series had created. Luckily for us Crackdown brought something different to the table. Like all other open-world games Crackdown allows the player to explore a city and do whatever they like. But what Crackdown does different is it allows you to develop your characters skills to super-human proportions. Crackdown allows the p...

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Incerdible Hulk Review 0

Did you know that there is a new Incredible Hulk movie out? Just in case you wondering know it's not a coincidence that there's also a new Hulk game out. The Incredible hulk is a movie tie-in game. It was not meant to be a revolutionary piece of art, it's meant to make bucket loads of cash and there's no doubt that it will.The Incredible Hulk is set in a completely destructible version of New York City. You'll recognize real life buildings like the Empire State building and even some buildings f...

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Arkadian Warriors Review 0

Arkadian Warriors is an Xbox Live Arcade title developed by Wanaka, creators of other Live Arcade titles like Assault Heroes and 3D Ultra Minigolf.Arkadian Warriors is a very basic form of Diablo. All of the quests are pretty much kill a bunch of monsters or collect an item from a dungeon with the occasional boss battle waiting at the end. As you do you will level up earning new upgrades for your equipment, which are needed to comfortably play through the later quests. At the start of the game y...

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Lego Indiana Jones Review 0

Lego Indiana Jones ReviewBeing a fan of the Indiana Jones franchise and one of the few people who really liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, naturally I've been very eager for an Indiana Jones game. L ego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures seems to be the closest I'm going to get for a little while. Having only briefly played Lego Star Wars I didn't know what to expect from Lego Indiana Jones, but after playing the game I'm mostly pleased. From what I've heard about the...

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Grand Theft Auto IV Review 1

Gameplay: 9/10GTA IV's gameplay is basically much the same as previous GTA games. You can run around an open world jacking cars and killing randoms. But like previous GTA games there are also street races and many other mini games. There may not be as many mini games as they had in GTA San Andreas but there a lot smoother now and they actually have a purpose. The game also brings life to old a stale features and adds an extra realistic detail which makes it feel like your playing GTA 3 for the f...

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