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A sequel to The Thing game form. 0

To make it short, yes. I picked up The Thing for the Xbox at my local Gamestop for only $4. A steal on any grounds. I first played the PS2 version a few years back and the atmosphere of a chilling station overrun with mutant beings brought me back to this version. You are Blake, the leader of a squad sent in to investigate mysterious events at a desolate and snowy military base. As the leader of a squad you can well lead your followers. In a Sims-ish way your team members are very smart. If you...

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A worth while expansion that lives up to The Elder Scrolls name. 0

Shivering Isles is the first official expansion for TES:Oblivion. While Knights of The Nine added another quest line and a few more hours of gameplay, Shivering Isles does double that with a larger main quest for the special land and dozens of side quests. Nothing graphical has changed here so you can expect to see top of the line graphics that require an average machine to run decently. The main point of the expansion is New content, whether it be creatures, quests, items, details, or settings...

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The best shooter of its kind. 0

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s development was started in early 2001. Six years later us, the gamers, finally get to play this highly anticipated Shooter. Set in Chernobyl, the site of a large nuclear explosion and radioactive waste land, you are a STALKER. A Stalkers purpose is to collect and cash in on artifacts from Chernobyl that each have special abilities and can be worth a great deal of money. You however are more than your average Stalker. You find yourself with a PDA that gives you one main objectiv...

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Another Sci-Fi Shooter. Pass. 0

Story: You are a miner on a Hubbardium Mining Station, Alpha Prime. You help your friend and an ex-lover. Cover up, Lots of Shooting. Graphics: Doom 3 Engine/Unreal. Looks fine, runs fine. Audio: Average Repeated Voice Overs, VO Quality decent. Missions: Around 10+ missions, each lasts about 30+ minutes Features: Cool RECON device that lets you see through walls to hack into cameras, small robots, and electronics to make booby traps. Multiplayer: None Requirements: Average PC Weapons: Wren...

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Don't even try unless you have an AGEIA Physics card. 0

Story: Um How should I know? You can't play the campaign unless you have a PhysX card (maybe you need to pay, but I thought this was a FREE game...) Graphics: Nothing crazy, Looks alright Audio: Average Missions: Only got to play Deathmatch, so Kill the Bots/Friends? Features: Crazy destructible environment that owns your PC! Multiplayer: Only thing you can play unless you have the PhysX card. Pretty Basic, Some cool looking guns but same old same old Requirements:Pretty much a PhysX Card ...

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You like Online RPGs? Action? RTS? Try this. 0

Story: Human vs Beasts. Fight for your right to live! Missions: Mainly slay the enemy race and everything along the way, including buildings, houses, environments, and ultimately the enemy's main headquarters. Controls: Easy to learn and execute in close and ranged combat. Features: Many classes from the common (rangers, healers, warriors) that builds up points for higher classes such as Benomoth (Huge Freaking Troll, Check picture above!) and Siege Catapults (for destroying buildings) Awesom...

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