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I guess it would depend on how willing you are to become a dirty pirate and steal all your games, because if you are able to buy a New 3DS running 10.7 or earlier, and aren't averse to pirating the entire back catalog of games, then there is literally no reason to not buy one. If you are interested in hunting down older games, or buy everything digitally, it's a soft yes. If you're interested in games that haven't been released, unless you absolutely need to play Pokemon Sun and Moon, the answer is no.

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Oh yeah, I'll get right on petitioning the UN for that truth commission to hold game reviewers accountable for not playing video games good enough on the internet.

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The mapping stuff isn't mandatory, but you miss out on some rewards if you ignore it, AND it makes your life a hell of a lot easier for making second trips into the dungeons for sidequests.

If you're into the fan service, then yes, it's a pretty good reason to pick up the game anyways and try to tough it out. But the game can get real hard, even on normal, so maybe bump it down one to easy.

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@vivek: That app was developed by a man named Kevin Gudgeirsson, according to the ATV app store. A quick search of his name shows he's made another app using GB's API called Game Vault, but there's no official website or email address to contact him. Unless someone can connect that name to a forum username? Otherwise you'll have to message him on LinkedIn, assuming it's the same guy.

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I'd always assumed the reason you couldn't "hire" the gunners is your first encounter with them is almost guaranteed to be you stumbling into one of their strongholds/bases/camps, and they don't take kindly to trespassers. And given the ruthless nature of the gunners, once you're on their shit list, you don't come off of it. I disagree that the raiders need to be anything more than psychos whose continued survival doesn't make any real sense (ignoring named raider groups/gangs, like the Khans or the Powdergangers), but I agree that the Gunner's feel out of place as a weird psuedofaction you can only interact with violence.

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Me: "I require some kind of conversation."

Princess Julia: "Cleansing Colon."

Me: *hurriedly dials 9-1-1*

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The amount of rage that goes on in Kickstarter comments for even the smallest perceived slight is amazing. One week late? "REFUND". Haven't updated in a while? "FRAUDS". Finally admitting it's not gonna happen, and offering refunds? "WHO WANTS TO JOIN OUR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?". It feels like the loudest people on Kickstarter are the people who understand it the least.

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@atomicedge said:

As always, love the app @soup_menu!

Quick question. I just got a Nexus Player Android TV box which I am really liking. Any chance of a TV interface being added to the app at any point?

Have you tried side-loading the app onto your Nexus player yet? I have, and besides some fiddly stuff, it works fine. If you've got an Android phone or can borrow one, I can PM you some instructions on how to side-load the app.

@atomicedge: Android TV is something I would be interested in experimenting with, but right now it's a bigger project than I would have time to get into. Never say never, but, unfortunately, I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

The aforementioned fiddly stuff is almost all related to interacting with the app using a remote. It's still not an insignificant amount of work, but at least you've got two people willing to beta test now :P

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Did you stop it in the name of love?

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@someguyjohnson: I've never done any Roku development, but I know by the way Roku tries to handle all video quality automatically would make that a bit of an issue. I've seen some app force low quality so they can upcharge you for HD, but I've never actually seen an app that lets you preselect quality. You have to go into a secret Roku menu if you want to choose stream quality on a system level, which is sometimes the only way to override Roku's tendency to downgrade the stream quality for no reason. Which is really funny, because if the HD version of a video is broken on GiantBomb's end, the Roku responds by crashing back to the menu, when it could theoretically just downgrade the stream.