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My favorite Achievements (That I may or may not have)

I got an Xbox 360 in 2007. I had been working at a bar in Copenhagen for a few months but Denmark has some odd laws regarding taxes which I hadn't sorted out yet. Long story short I got three months pay all at once and I was looking to spunk it as quickly as I could so I bought and Xbox and a copy of Gears of War and Dead Rising.

Dead Rising gave me my first taste of Achievement lust, I can't tell you how many times I tried, then got bored of trying to kill 53,000 odd zombies but it left me with a real appreciation for well designed achievements. 

List items

  • Minimalist:

    Complete the game with less than 13% of items

    I'm a big fan of achievements that make you play the whole game in a different way and this was like telling you not to shoot in Call of Duty. It took some very careful think and planning to avoid picking certain items but getting to the foam gun as the third or maybe even second pick up was a real jolt!

  • The One Free Bullet

    Beat Episode One firing exactly one bullet. Grenade, crowbar, rocket, and Gravgun kills are okay!

    I will freely admit that towards the end this achievement got a little boring. When I started a play though to try and get it I was thinking long and hard about when to use my one bullet, only to quickly remember that I had to use it the second I got a gun. While this achievement makes you play in a different way it didn't compare to...

  • Little Rocket Man

    Send the garden gnome into space.

    I saw this achievement early on playing through Episode Two but was never able to find the gnome at the launch facility, so I though I would look it up. I wont spoil the surprise for you if you don't know where the gnome is, youtube it.

    I almost lost the gnome three times but planting that little bastard in the nosecone was probably the most satisfaction I've ever gotten out of playing a game ever!

  • Vidmaster Challenge: Endure

    In Firefight, on any mission, passed the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.

    I didn't really like ODST, in fact for what ever reason I disliked it throughly. I've never quite been able to put my finger on it, I've liked all the other Halo games, even Halo Wars, but not ODST.

    One night I was at a friends house and he was going to try for the achievement with two guys from work. They needed a forth man for the achievement so I joined in not really understanding what I was getting myself in for. It was a long and painful fight, everyone at some point ended up being the last man standing, everyone got the chance to pull a crazy trick shot that saved the day. We had one wave left before we had the achievement and we were simply bum rushed by four chieftains. My friend still has the replay, it's four hours long.

  • Cr0wnd

    Kill a Witch with a single headshot.

    This achievement required some real bravery on the part of the player. If you messed it up you could put your team in a really bad way. It was also fun to watch a friend of mine try and fail this one so many, many times.

  • Finish Him

    You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.

    This achievement isn't anything special but anyone who has it will tell you that it required a lot more planning then you'd think. You can only do two counter moves on someone before they go down so that means you need a minimum of five people, but the second you get into a fight everyone else around you will run away. I think I ended up getting this one in an abandoned dock warehouse full of homeless people, I was not proud of myself.

  • 7 Day Survivor

    TYPE: 1 PlayREQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

    This achievement is just kind of evil, but in a great way. If you've never played or unlocked the survival mode in Dead Rising you have to gather food and eat to stop yourself from loosing health every so often. Food doesn't really spawn in the environment, the best way to get it is by killing other survivors who then drop their inventory. You can't save the game in this mode, surviving seven days requires 14 hours of play. Needless to say this is one I don't have.

  • Wax Off

    Perform the Wax On achievement twice in a single game, don't forget to breathe.

    For such a simple game, this is a really clever achievement, and another that I couldn't manage I'm afraid.

  • Old School

    Finish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot

    This was surprisingly difficult to pull off. Even just finishing one of the shorter echo missions without getting a headshot, groin shot or using the leach was a real challenge.

  • Brass Hat

    Completed Campaign+ and earned all Ration Tickets

    This one is less about the achievement and more about the Ration Tickets required for this achievement. Some of them seemed actually impossible when you read them, which made it all the more satisfying to finally get the lot of them. I can't wait for the 80's inspired sequel.