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I just posted my honorable mentions for GOTY this year.

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HT101's 2018 GotY Top 10.

Once again, it's time for the Top 10 of 2018. This list has games from outside of 2018, but that's how it seems my list always ends up. The different thing is that this year has more games on it from 2018 than any of my other lists have contained in previous years.

List items

  • This is the game I played the most this year and the one I enjoyed playing this most. I never got into Destiny but decided to take the plunge last year with D2. Little did I know that I'd find friends here on GB to play with, work through the raids and raid lairs and just have a blast wrecking fools in Iron Banner. I am still playing this and the changes they made in Forsaken that continue today give me hope that they won't mess it up when D3 comes to pass. This game feels to tight and the story beats they've been dropping are so cool and have me psyched for where things will go from here.

  • If not for the #1 game on my list, this would obviously be #1. This game is so terrific and wonderful. The joy of being able to play as Kassandra and be a mercenary who loves money but can't helping people out was a joy. The big boss battles against the legendary creatures are some of the most fun I've had in a game this year. This could have been called AC: Wild Hunt because of how close it is to The Witcher 3 and that's probably why I love it so much. I can't wait to see what Ubisoft does next because I will be there on Day 1.

  • Hitman 2 is a lot like Hitman(2016) and I love it for that. The prologue is one of the coolest things a Hitman game has done and the way you can complete it is super smart. The game is great but it's not any higher because it's the 2nd time this has been done and not the first.

  • Another remaster but what a game to remaster. One of the best games of the last generation is now one of the best games of this generation. Going through and relearning Paradise City was a joy and the speed you feel from this game is uncompared and unbeaten with no one challenging for the crown.

  • The original Super Mega Baseball was a game that I got from Games With Gold and I loved it immediately. The sequel was more of the original with some great additions. No matter if you play with one of the included teams or you create your own, the terrific difficulty slider makes it easy to tailor the game to how you want to play it. If you want a sports game that isn't too simmy, then this is one you should check out.

  • This is the shortest game I played this year and yet it's one of the most memorable game of this year. The gameplay is simple and yet it becomes super complex. The style is ridiculous and the ending is an amazing way to end a game.

  • The remaster of this came out this year and I enjoyed coming back to it. The stealth gameplay is terrific and the moodiness that pervades the game is so wonderful. Normally in stealth games, I seek to kill as little as possible. In this game, it's the exact opposite.

  • This game has been on my list since 2015 and I am still playing it once a week, if not more. The core loop of the game is terrific and playing my music in a game is wonderful. If you haven't given this game a chance, do so at your earliest convenience.

  • The feel of this game is amazing and I've only played it for an hour. It has become a game that I can't wait to get better at and see how cool the game looks. I was able to figure out the dodge and make it look cool within 5 minutes of playing. A game that lets you do that is well worth playing.

  • The Forza Horizon series has been and continues to be one of my favorite racing game series of all time. It's so low on the list because I have had crashes every hour or so that I play it. I still love it but the crashes keep it from being any higher than 10.