Top 6 Games of 2013

Well, I only played 6 games this year that actually came out in 2013, so that's what will be shown here. To start though, is my 2012 game of 2013. After that game is the list of the games that I played this year, which actually came out this year.

List items

  • The people at Harmonix are some of the craziest and diabolical people ever. This game came out almost 18 months ago and I am still playing it at least once a day. They have done an amazing job in creating an addictive game that is totally worth playing.

  • This was my favorite game of the year. The amazing and ridiculousness of the game and world, the amazing soundtrack and the great ways to travel around the world, this game may not have been an improvement over everything from The Third, but it was my favorite game of the year.

  • The three protagonists, the amazing world and Rockstar doing what they do best. This wasn't my favorite game of the year but it was real close.

  • The Assassin's Creed franchise after AC3 seemed to be on life support. Connor was one of the worst characters of all time, the game took forever to get started and it was just a really tough game to finish. AC4 had none of these problems. Kenway was an amazing character, who was much more like Ezio than Connor. The story was a great tale, the sailing was an excellent way to travel around the world and the gameplay felt fun this time instead of a chore to complete.

  • Even though this was not a Rocksteady made game, WB Montreal did an excellent job of making a Batman game. The combat is as fun as ever and the story is great. The introduction of the Joker was an excellent way to bring him in and the new investigations. I know that Kevin Conroy is working on another game, since he said so, but this is an excellent game.

  • Netherrealm did another excellent job with the fighting game based on DC characters this time. The story mode was once again a highlight and the STAR Lab missions are a great way to practice with different strategies. All of the various ladder-style battles are also a wonderful way to mix up your play style as well.

  • This is a late edition and since I have not beaten it, it is last but it has been one heck of a fun game to play. I normally play as a melee character in games like this, but I decided to go as a wizard this time and I must say that it is a lot of fun. I am dying more than I normally would but that's part of the fun. I'm playing the 360 version just so you know.