HTTenrai: Favorites

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  • This classic is extremely replayable, insofar as your skill choices will definitely affect what kinds of ways you can approach the game.

  • There's something about this game I can't put my finger on, but maybe it's the fact that the game's inhabitants are surprisingly smart.

  • There was just something supremely satisfying about the original Perfect Dark that the "sequel" managed to fuck up in so many different ways...

  • I used to shun SoR because I was a big Final Fight fan, but after playing it, I have to concede it's the superior game...not that I don't still love both very much!

  • Final Fight 3 felt like the answer to Streets of Rage 2's superior combat mechanics, and it shows! This game fucking rocks.

  • The one brick wall I don't feel too bad about banging my head against every once in a while.

  • Big Money! Big Prizes! I'd love a sequel, guys.

  • Perfect Dark did everything better than Goldeneye, but somehow, its charm hasn't diminished any.

  • The biggest and baddest compilation of Unreal Tournament to date. Combine it with the UT2K4 RPG mod, and you may never be able to put it down.

  • Nothing beats the streamlined features of the original.

  • Chop 'til you drop! What can I say?

  • Ever since I played the demo of the game, I've been in love with it. It's one of those awesome games that you buy more than once in your life...

  • Combine Magic: The Gathering was arena combat action, and you've got one hell of a recipe for success...or so Majesco had hoped. It was true, but no one bought it. :(

  • It's a classic beat-'em-up, and I'm surprised no one has tried to emulate its enjoyable magic system.

  • The pinnacle of music-gaming achievements...until Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour release.

  • A great game for its time, and probably the best Guitar Hero to date.

  • Most people don't have a great deal of love for SF III, but I loved trying to master the parry, and it brings back memories.

  • One of the best fighting game mashups ever!

  • A great crossover of two classic fighting game franchises.

  • A surprisingly diverse beat-'em-up experience. The rapid-reaction minigame segments are fun, too.

  • Maybe not the best version of the games, but the original trilogy can't be beat.

  • A perfect blend of difficulty and payoff, Ninja Gaiden Black was a great edition of this seminal action series.

  • Nearly anything and everything in this game can be tweaked, making it a creationist's dream.

  • For all of its flaws and accusations of repetition, it's still a great series for fans of beat-'em-ups.

  • Samurai Warriors is a spin-off of Dynasty Warriors of sorts, and it generally takes what Dynasty Warriors does and refines it.

  • Post-apocalyptic goodness, and dark humor abound, this series is a timeless classic.

  • The Elder Scrolls...ah, the good old days of playing Arena in 1995...

  • Braid is one of a select few games that have gotten a genuine emotional response out of me. That's a pretty damn meaningful accomplishment.

  • The greatest RPG ever. Disagree with me, and I'll bleed you like a stuck gecko.