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The first 3 films were pieces of art, these movies are tools wielded by corporate entities to make money for their corporation.

See, here is the thing, you could argue this about the first film I guess, but it was actually just a ripoff of Flash Gordon in the end. You cannot argue this about Empire and ROTJ. Empire only got made because of how much money Star Wars made, it was literally created because of money.

And don't even get me started on ROTJ. Ewoks anyone?

Hollywood has been about making money for a very very long time, it's your naivety that is preventing you from realizing this.

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Hating on bat flips is stupid.

I don't understand why people hate seeing emotion from professional athletes, it's like they want them to all be mindless, boring, robots.

I loved the emotion coming from the Jays tonight, especially the Bautista bat flip. I wish we saw more of that kind of stuff from professional athletes.

And to anyone who says it is disrespectful, I say this, don't want the other team to flip their bats? Then don't give up big home runs.

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@huey2k2: Try not to be so dismissive of opinions that aren't your own.

I'm not saying it was optimized properly or it's not a shitty thing or an issue . But there is a difference between that and broken. A lot of PC gamers on the Internet are so melodramatic regarding this kind of stuff and it's hard discern the technical issues and a game actually being unplayable.

Calling out an argument for being logically incorrect is not the same thing as being dismissive over someones opinion.

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@turtlebird95 said:

How long before AMD claims Nvidia sabotaged it?

In all seriousness, that really sucks.

Nvidia cards are having serious problems too, but not as serious as AMD's. Anything above mininum doesn't even mention AMD cards even thought there are at least 3 AMD card models that are undoubtedly better than the GTX 960.

Stuff like this is why I refuse to get an AMD GPU.

They make great cards, and they are definitely good on price to performance ratios, but too often there are games that are just plain broken on release on AMD cards, it is sad.

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So it's that it's not as good as the ps4 version or are getting slight performance stuff?

That's way different than what people were getting at.

We got not as good ports as console gamers all the time and I never got a single refund

Not sure why PC players think they are any different

Is this a joke?

The reason consoles get worse ports is because consoles are inferior in power to most mid-high end gaming rigs.

There is absolutely no reason why a PC port should run worse than a console version of a game, it is just pure laziness/incompetence by the developers. Plain and simple.

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@toisul said:

I'm recently starting to get into hockey, but I'm not sure how to "pick" a team. I live in Arizona, but I'm from Vermont (where basically anything Boston goes). But I'm thinking of picking the Oilers or the Maple Leafs as my team. It feels weird to pick a team that is "good" and I have no love for any Arizona teams, so I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions. If anyone has any input or suggestions it would be much appreciated, Thank you!

I grew up in Toronto, so I basically became a Leafs fan by default, but my advice to you is to watch a bunch of hockey from different teams, and pick the one that plays a style that suits you, or has players you really enjoy watching.

Don't listen to the trolls or haters who try to tell you not to become a fan of x team, because they don't like them for whatever reason, pick a team you want to invest your time and energy into.

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@rodent said:

You with a bunch of different companies for phone, internet and tv? Or just one?

Right now I am with a company called Vmedia for internet and TV, I don't have a home phone.

That is their website if you are interested, but there are other perfectly viable options out there as well.

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@rodent said:

Yes Ontario.

My wife and I are going back and forth about "cutting the cable" and looking into cheap options. What Rogers gets from us, $-wise, monthly is ridiculous.

Honestly, I would.

I haven't given a penny of my money to Rogers in over a year, my bill is way cheaper now than it ever was, and I get a better product with better customer service.

Rogers are just crooks.

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@rodent said:

Sadly very few people I know are gamers...even less are on PC.

Currently I'm looking to see what Rogers (my ISP) has for internet packages. Last time I did it I found out that they had discontinued the package I was paying for and were offering a newer package for the same monthly fee I was paying and it came with 20 extra gigs per month.


You say you are with Rogers, are you in Ontario?

If so there are plenty of other 3rd party ISP's that charge less and give you more bang for the buck.. and they all use the Rogers network anyways.

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Dude, you're getting a Dell.