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A Great Starting Point 0

The recent reinvigoration of adventure gaming can be laid directly at Telltale’s doorstep, and this is the game that broke through. It’s not their first adventure game, and certainly didn’t set the resurgence in motion, but it nailed the episodic nature they’ve come to be known for and provided an experience both immediately accessible and deeply nostalgic.   That being said, looking at this game with an eye towards quality and not strictly importance, it’s clear that they were still finding the...

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Thrice as Nice 2

  Given the current marketplace, much of gaming has come down to yearly sequels and variations on a theme. There is not a lot of room for major deviance within that system, much of the time it simply isn’t commercially viable to stray too far from what is traditionally successful. Trine stands out as a well-designed game with a refreshing gameplay mechanic; one that isn’t just a clone of so many other games on the market. While it certainly isn’t the first of its kind – Blizzard did it years ago...

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A Clash of Zenos 1

  Zeno Clash is a gorgeous game. It is not technically beautiful, like say a Crysis, but the art is without equal. The characters all look remarkably different, the locations are varied and logical, and the entire game has a cohesive, alien feel. It creates a world in a way that most games only hope to do, and it does it without having cutting edge graphics or a gigantic budget. The voice acting is sub-par, sure, and the writing could have stayed in the oven a little longer. These issues are to ...

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