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IRC Channel has moved.

The Giant Bomb IRC channel has officially moved to #GiantBomb on .

 For Chatzilla users that is  irc://

We have switched over to a new server so that users will be able to properly register their nicknames on the server.  On the old server there were far too many cases of users switching to the name of another user and attempting to impersonate them.  On the new server this should no longer be a problem.  As long as you register your nickname.

Doing this is very simple.  Once you connect to the server you will choose a nickname by typing

/nick (your desired name)
Example: /nick JackThompson

/msg nickserv register (your password here) (your email address here)
Example: /msg nickserv register rockstarlove

Now the name has been registered with whatever password you chose, in the example above the password was "rockstarlove".  So in the future when connecting to the server you will have to "identify" whenever using that name, which is essentially the IRC form of logging in.  To do this you type.

/msg nickserv identify (password)
Example: /msg nickserv identify rockstarlove

If you do not identify (login) to the name within 60 seconds your name will be changed.  This is to prevent other uses from using the registered names of others in an attempt to impersonate them. 

We are encouraging all regular users to register their names, although it is not a requirement to use the chatroom.  However if you do not register your name do not come crying to the ops if someone else beings to use your name to make fun of you, you have been given sufficient notice and instructions on how to prevent this.