Games I want to play but don't think I ever will

These are all games that I know of but I either don't think I would finish them or I just don't own that console and don't plan on ever getting it. Sigh!

List items

  • I have a thing for sci fi with a rough edge. This is a point and click traditional game and it looks really cool. I just don't know if I'd enjoy it since point and click games have sometimes super irritating puzzles. Also I just don't play games on the pc anymore.

  • Either of them really but I'd rather play the second one. I don't own a Wii and I won't make the mistake of purchasing a entire console for one title again (Damn you Jet Set Radio Future!) The humor and artstyle just looks so great. I watched a ton of cutscenes from the game online and get jealous thinking about playing it all the time. Even though I know the gameplay isn't very good..still..

  • I kinda have played this game. I don't own a Gameboy and once again the pixel art style really drew me on. Eventually I cracked and sought out an emulator and got the game on pc. I played through some of it and it was just as cool as I thought it would be. One day I'd like to actually play it on the handheld though since I never finished it and would rather just buy the game.

  • Even though Jeff and others have deemed it just a run of the mill MMORPG - I honestly haven't ever played an MMORPG extensively and I like sci fi as well as Star Wars. I know two of my friends will probably get it. Just dunno if it won't be a waste of time since I know these kind of games are tough to solo in and I just don't have the time nor do I like playing monthly fees for my games.

  • Nevermind that it's probably impossible to get by now and that it's really old. This game has a very interesting plot but the traditional Japanese horror game conventions would make this a literal nightmare to play.

  • I own a PS3 so I could get this but it seems like I've seen so much of it that I wouldn't enjoy it as much anymore. I had played halfway through Persona 3 back in the day and really liked it. I don't know why I put it down. So recently I picked it up on the PSP and am replaying it. I was very disappointed to find out the cinematics, one of the best parts of the game, have been completely stripped out of the PSP version. Persona 5 I'll definitely jump on board! (please come out for 360!)