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An unofficial and unnumbered GOTY list. These are basically my standout games of 2019.

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  • I finally got around to it thanks to the Epic Store giving out freebies and wow. I've heard a lot of praise but after completely not connecting with the critically acclaimed Gone Home I was wary of this sort of game and the effusive praise it was receiving (it made Jeff Bakalar cry!)

    Well it's completely deserved! This is an absolutely beautiful game in both visuals and writing. The home of the Finch family you end up exploring is so beautifully detailed that I was in constant awe of how much work must have went into this insane contraption.

    Also all jokes aside about Mr. Bakalar, I too teared up a bit near the end.

  • Released: Feb 4

    Not much into the Battle Royale game type but I did like Titanfall 2 multiplayer a whole lot so Apex kept me coming back despite continuing to dislike the long buildup to relatively short encounters. It finally feels like a modern one of those and as time goes on and they add more to it I'm certain to keep checking it out.

  • Released: Feb 15

    Despite being dated in almost every single way I surprisingly still had quite a bit of fun running around, blowing stuff up and collecting orbs. The superpower fantasy doesn't get old and the no-nonsense approach of showing you exactly how to earn your upgrades and what you get down the road kept me going.

    IF there ever was a great reason to own GamePass is for games like these that don't REALLY warrant a full price purchase but they're still fun time fillers.

  • Released: Mar 22

    From the makers of Demons Souls and Bloodborne comes another excellent foray into "how hard is hard" territory. Sekiro much like Bloodborne before it is a fascinating departure for From Software that shares DNA with their past entries while being a whole new unique take on the formula with it's own setting and mechanics. While I didn't love it as much as the cosmic horror of Bloodborne, I did appreciate and enjoy this samurai adventure even if it did test my patience and willingness to keep going more than any From game that came before it.

  • Released: Oct 18 (2018)

    Through the powers of Game Pass I finally got around to playing this and while initially I didn't see the appeal, after a weekend I suddenly had nearly 20 hours logged into the game. Horizon manages to perfectly integrate all activities into the hub world style map that make riding around and hopping into race after race a seamless experience. Add on top of that a ton of systems and lottery wheels that get you new cars or pointless clothes for an avatar you only see in between victory screens and it all creates an impressive self-propelling engine that makes you keep going and going.

  • Released: 2017

    Through the power of GamePass I got to play this two years later and boy I really enjoyed it. I like the Demons Souls formula, I really enjoyed the more aggressive approach of Bloodborne, and I love me some sci-fi - The Surge rolls it all into one with some cool new tricks as well!

  • Released: Aug 27

    Control is probably my favorite game of 2019 - a bold statement to make in September! The gameplay is tight with satisfying shooting mechanics and a telekinetic throw ability that coupled with an endless supply of debris that goes flying everywhere with each use makes it never get old. From the level design to the abilities.. Control is just a greatly enjoyable game and for the first time in ages I can say that I'm really looking forward to future DLC because I just can't get enough.

  • Released: Nov 8

    Death Stranding is a real standout in 2019 simply because of how different it is. Definitely not for everyone, but if you do end up getting hooked on it's mechanics and out of this world lore and technology then it's a really refreshing experience. I can say that among the goofy moments, there were some genuinely incredible performances from both a VO and mocap perspective and times when the game affected me emotionally.

  • Release: May 29

    A purely joyful experience of exploration. This small school project became one of those most impressive, bespoke adventure experiences of this year. I continued to be mesmerized and shocked at how clever, technical and beautiful everything was in this game. As I've said many times before - in a world where indie games are typically randomly, procedurally generated run-mills, this beautifully crafted one of a kind bespoke experience was a breath of fresh air and what the industry needs right now.

  • Released: Nov 15

    One of the first good Star Wars games to come along in a long time and from a FPS developer at that. The metroid influenced level design was interesting but overall, while still fun, everything in Fallen Order feels a little off. The traversal isn't as nimble as Tomb Raider. The combat isn't as tight and precise like Sekiro. Levels are hit or miss and enemy encounters can fluctuate in difficulty from challenging to frustrating. Fallen Order is another one of those games that make you really anticipate a much more refined sequel down the road.