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PS3 Exclusives you should think about owning.

A lot of people ask what games they should get when they just get a new console so I thought about making a list of some PS3 games that I think are worth checking out.

List items

  • Great action ride with likable characters. This is primarily a shooter with some crawling up walls from time to time. The story might be forgetable but the characters definitely stand out.

  • IF you're on a tight budget then definitely get UC3 instead of UC2. Mainly because it does everything the predecessor did but slightly better. You might lose out on some of the backstory but overall it will be a time well spent.

  • Just like Uncharted this game is a serious facelift from the predecessor but I wouldn't say it does anything truly innovative. There's a faster pace to everything and thanks to some unique powers city traversal becomes even more fun than it was in the original.

  • Dark Souls came out for the Xbox 360 and as of this moment has been officially announced for PC. The original which is still a PS3 exclusive is just as good a game if not better in some areas. If you played Dark Souls on another platform and want more, or just want to experience a unique dark fantasy adventure be sure to check this one out. Just be prepared to master your patience and perseverence as Demons Souls doesn't have the convenient bonfire system and dying will mean starting each area from the very beginning.

  • I'll recommend this if you're a fan of the series and played the previous titles on PS2. If this will be your first Metal Gear game I'm afraid not only will you be completely lost in the deep mythology of the series that 4 tries to flesh out, but you won't have any emotional attachments to the characters - which ultimately will make it pretty unsatisfying.

  • Great remake/update whatever you want to call it. Flawless framerate and high res graphics is something Wipeout has been begging for on a big HD TV.

  • What a great experience. Yes, there is definitely a game here and it's actually pretty good. While I may think some story elements somewhat fall apart under close scrutiny, it's still amazing what they did and the many possible outcomes from your actions. There was a promise of multiple endings based on player actions and they definitely delivered.

  • Two oldschool goodies for the price of one. This isn't a PS3 must have but as an exclusive it's definitely NICE to have.

  • This came out for the 360 but is one of a really small number of games that definitely looks a lot better on the PS3. This might not be the definitive Final Fantasy experience, but theres a decent story being told and if you want to experience some fast-action, nuanced combat set to great looking backdrops then you could do a lot worse.

  • Game isn't even out yet but I'm putting it here as a placeholder as I'm relatively sure this is something you won't want to miss.

    EDIT: The game has come out and what do you know it was pretty good. Although I enjoyed the story way past the point where the actual gameplay wore out it's welcome for me, it just goes to show how powerful the writing is for me to have kept on going.

  • You might be hopelessly lost if Yakuza 4 is your first outing into the series, but it is by far the most definitive Yakuza experience. You get 4 completely unique characters all with their own fighting styles and storylines that begin to intermingle throughout the game - countless side activities, collectibles, and a whole lot of Japanese craziness.

  • Short and sweet, a unique experience that walks the fine line between video games and art.