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Games Played 2020

All the games I played in the year 2020.

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  • 12/28/19 - Little early to record this but I need a game to make the list and I'm confident I'll beat this game in 2020.

    3/30/20 - Tried to get back into the game and I've forgotten everything...

  • Finished 1/1/20

    12/29/19 - Started. What a weird game so far. I'm not using headphones but I can see why they want you to, all the voices and whispering are the right amount of creepy. I really enjoy how much the voices tell you "she can't make that" or "she'll never be able to do it" and it just makes me want to prove them wrong.

  • 1/3/20 - Started, almost through the first level. Beautiful game.

    1/4/20 - Off to the first planet, game seems a bit wonky so far. Cal seems to warp to walls, etc when I try and do things. Combat seems off.

  • 1/3/20 - What a weird thing> I don't understand what is happening in the slightest. I'm too caught up Fallen Order to give this the time of day, but I may be back.

  • 1/3/20 - Came back to this since last year, controls seem clunkier and slower than I remember.

    1/13/20 - Really into the game after getting past the first open world area. In the forest now and really loving the atmosphere. Not on par with the previous two games, but way more Stalker vibes. I can't tell if the stealth is really hard or the game is bad at it.

  • 1/4/20 - Started to make a followup video for Subpixel. Loving my time with the game.

    4/15/20 - Working on Oakcrafts Part 2.

    8/9/20 - Started a new fortress to refresh my brain before recording Oakcrafts Episode 3.

    8/19/20 - Fortress II still going strong, although food is getting quite low...

    10/24/20 - Recording Episode 3!

  • 1/5/20 - Saw it mentioned on a bad games list. Completely disagree. played the first couple missions.

  • 1/13/20 - Started after watching The Witcher Netflix show. I think I might actually be into it now.

    1/25/20 - Finished the White Orchard chapter and headed off to find Ciri.

    1/28/20 - I'm almost passed where I left off years ago, and seeing as I'm doing most of the side quests, I'll make it a lot further this time.

  • Finished 1/20/20

    1/15/20 - Streamed and started playing. Great game!

    1/19/20 - This game is still so much fun. Hit max level and getting close to the end. Thinking about buying the DLC.

  • Streamed 1/16/20, 1/21/20, 4/3/20

    1/16/20 - Streamed on Will's Weird Games. Super fun and want to continue playing.

    4/3/20 - Streamed again for WWG. It's a great game. Further episodes will be Subpixel Playtimes.

  • 1/20/20 - Started up my old War of the Chosen save and boy is the game still so good. i'm save scumming a lot just because I hate losing characters to dumb decisions, both by me and the game.

  • 1/20/20 - Started after beating DR3. Not looking for anything amazing here, hopefully just a fun mindless game.

  • 1/21/20 - Subpixel Stream

    1/22/20 - Playing while watching GB content. Wing Diver is super fun.

  • 1/23/20 - Watched Ian Kelly play it on an old UPF so I decided to FTP into the server. It seems like a lot of fun and will try and give it more of my time this weekend.

    1/24/20 - Played 3 characters. One died from a newt, with the next I tried to eat a pie and ended up putting my face in it, got blinded from the goop, and killed by a fox. My third character drank a random potion and died from hallucinating creatures.

    1/25/20 - Game is still very fun. Have to be patient though, I keep rushing and dying.

  • Streamed 1/23/20

  • 1/24/20 - Beat the tutorial. The game is fun, but I don't think I have the patience to find people to play with.

  • 1/25/20 - Got the remaster cheap at Gamestop. Beat the first two bosses.

  • Finished 1/27/20

    Finished Thy Flesh Consumed 1/29/20

    1/26/20 - Downloaded the GZDoom version and it's so much fun!

    1/29/20 - Streamed Thy Flesh Consumed.

  • Finished 2/1/20

    1/29/20 - Started, just finished Level 7.

  • 1/30/20 - It's finally the time to play this!

  • 2/3/20 - Saw Ben play it on a UPF and decided to download it again. Still very fun, but would definitely like some people to play with.

  • Finished 2/4/20

    2/4/20 - Decided to boot it up and finish the game. Didn't realize how close I was to the end. I want to start 5 soon, maybe after The Witcher 3.

  • Finished 2/4/20

  • Finished 4/11/20

    2/5/20 - Finally...

    2/10/20 - This game is very good.

    2/22/20 - Beat Chapter 1.

  • 2/13/20 - Started playing on a whim.

  • 2/15/20 - Played maybe 30 minutes at Ian's. Want to get back to it and beat the game.

  • Streamed 9/26/20, 9/29/20

    2/17/20 - Decided to check it out after years of improvements and new updates. I enjoyed the early game as much as one can, stranded on a planet, but excited to get to other worlds and start exploring. I don't think I'll be playing it long term, but hopefully enough to see what it offers now.

    9/26/20 - Started as the new Sandbox series, really liking it now that I'm finally out of tutorial hell.

  • 2/22/20 - Played the first mystery and really enjoyed it. Very cool art and creepy atmosphere. I lost my first go around and it crashed the game, I think that as intended. Looking forward to playing more.

  • 3/4/20 - Picking back up where I left off in Act II.

  • Finished 3/5/20

    3/5/20 - Finished my playthrough since they released on MCC PC. Solid game.

    3/14/20 - Started a playthrough with Nathaniel and Dan.

    3/21/20 - Two more levels down with the guys.

  • Finished 3/24/20

    3/8/20 - About 12 levels in and this game is not good. Everything about it wants to work so well, but the combat and level design is just atrocious when you compare it to the first two games. Plus with the amount of enemies that just randomly spawn behind you, it is a cheap attempt at trying to mask confusion as horror. This game wanted to be Dead Space before Dead Space.

    3/22/20 - Nearly finished with it. At this point I just turn around every time I enter a new room. Works 90% of the time to kill the spawning enemies.

    3/24/20 - Finished the Doom 3 campaign, started Resurrection of Evil. Not sure if I'll continue with the DLC.

  • 3/7/20 - Played a little bit with my brothers since they got it for $3 on sale. Seemed very boring, but I'm chalking it up to running them through very early missions while I'm level 28.

  • Finished 3/27/20

    3/14/20 - Started playing for stream, enjoying seeing Diablo's roots.

    3/16/20 - Made it to Level 9 so far. These dumb demons have scary lightning attack and I have to rethink my strategy.

    3/21/20 - Started a new game with the same character to level up a bit before trying to tackle level 9 again.

    3/27/20 - This game got hard. Because I want to get to II, and don't have unlimited time, I used cheat engine for the final 1/4 of the game. i have no clue how i would have survived without it. Maybe months of playing?

  • Subpixel Stream 3/16/20, 3/17/20, 3/19/20, 3/24/20, 3/31/20

    3/16/20 - Started a server for Subpixel streaming and general quarantine fun.

    4/5/20 - Tried the Witchcraft and Wizardry Map/Mod and it's super immersive.

  • Subpixel Stream 3/24/20, 4/9/20, 4/30/20

    - 3/20/20 - Started my island of Jotunheim at midnight, delightful game so far.

    - 3/23/20 - New islanders and the Museum is up and running. I can't believe how much I missed Animal Crossing.

  • Finished 3/29/20

    - 3/29/20 - Started on a whim. I enjoyed the atmosphere, but the story and some of the gameplay felt weird. it was hard to follow the story since some of the major revelations were found in the journal that didn't seem to be organized in a storytelling way. Half the items I ended up with I never used.

  • Finished 3/29/20

    - 3/29/20 - Short, fun train set game. The soundtrack is INCREDIBLE.

  • 3/31/20 - Watched Mass Alex season 1, but decided to replay ME2 instead of watching them. it's been long enough that I barely remember anything about it. Excited to see where it all goes.

    4/1/20 - Working through the game, 6 hours in! Watching some of Mass Alex 2 while I'm going.

  • 3/30/20 - Started Diablo 2 because I was waiting to start Nier (I was possibly going to refund it since it's coming to GamePass). Beat the first dungeon/cave.

    4/2/20 - No refund on Neir and haven't been back to this yet.

  • 4/1/20 - So excited to play!

    4/9/20 - I'm 13 hours in, this game is so good.

  • "Finished" 4/19/20

    4/12/20 - Finally time to start this!

    4/19/20 - Finished first run through the game. I've got ending A and K so far.

    4/22/20 - Made it far into C and then died, lost maybe an hour of progress.

  • 4/15/20 - Played for the first time, this game is stressful!

  • Streamed 4/20/20

    4/19/20 - Bored on my computer and booted it up. played about 2 hours and got the next phase of the car built!

  • Finished 5/2/20

    4/19/20 - Forgot to add this on the day, but played this with Alex and Zac and it's super fun!

    4/25/20 - We've been playing a ton of this game now, still very fun. The leveling system for each character class seems well thought out.

  • Finished 4/23/20

    Streamed 4/22/20

    4/22/20 - Streamed as part of "Will's Weird Games" and genuinely enjoyed playing it. Will continue offline since it didn't pull viewers.

  • 4/24/20 - Started after liking Time Gate so much.

  • Finished 4/25/20

    4/24/20 - Added to Game Pass on PC so decided to start it. Interesting story so far, but the gameplay isn't keeping my interest. Seems short enough that I will probably finish it.

  • 4/25/20 - PC Game Pass baby!

    4/29/20 - About halfway through Chapter 2 and I'm start to not feel it. Game is just a whole lot of walking and eating. Inventory management is also a bit rough.

    4/30/20 - Finished Chapter 2. Started 3. Wondering when 4 and 5 will be released.

  • Streamed 4/27/20, 5/7/20, 5/14/20, 5/21/20, 5/28/20, 6/4/20

    4/27/20 - Playing OpenRCT2 on Subpixel Playtime Stream

    5/2/20 - Completed the first map of RCT1.

    5/7/20 - New season of Subpixel Inc!

  • 5/1/20 - Started with Karen. Amazing game for co-op. Doesn't have the annoying ramp up that Overcooked has and is fairly generous with the level medals.

  • Finished 5/1/20

    5/1/20 - Bored and looking for something to play, ended up clearing the last few levels.

  • 5/2/20 - Played a few levels out of bordem, might hop back in.

  • Finished 5/7/20

    5/2/20 - Continuing my search for a new game to play.

    5/3/20 - Took some getting used to, but I'm starting to enjoy it. Finished the first case.'

    5/6/20 - On the 3rd case, really starting to enjoy the game despite it's faults.

    5/7/20 - Finished the game. Interested in playing the first one if it is ever cheap or on Game Pass.

  • Streamed 5/5/20, 7/14/20

    5/3/20 - Started campaign to get ready for stream. Fun so far. Excited to see everything they added since MudRunner.

  • 5/3/20 - This game is janky and weird. Not fun enough to do a lot of the deliveries, but was a fun hour of goofing around on the map.

  • 5/6/20 - Discovered while messing with my MiSTer, i love me some picross!

    9/23/20 - They added it to the Switch SNES App!

  • Finished 5/11/20

    5/7/20 - Playing alongside Abby's feature. Hopefully move on to DS2 after.

  • Streamed 4/25/20, 5/9/20, 5/23/20, 7/30/20

  • 5/13/20 - Started after finishing EDF 2017 with the girlfriend.

  • Finished 5/18/20

    5/13/20 - Started after watching the two movies and read a few playthroughs of games taking place between 1 and 2.

  • 5/14/20 - Was on sale finally and bit the bullet. What a weird game.

    5/20/20 - Up to 10 characters on my current save, just building up resources to eventually move to our own outpost, I'm very worried about being slaughtered when that happens.

  • 5/15/20 - Ian mentioned it on the Subpixel inc. stream, so now I must play.

  • 5/18/20 - Finished Dead Space 2, time to finish out the trilogy.

  • 5/19/20 - Abby kept talking about it on the Beastcast and I have a copy from Xbox Live Gold, so why not?

  • 5/20/20 - Syndicate wasn't doing it for me. it's not a bad game, but I think I was fooling myself by not playing Origins. I restarted the game and having a blast.

  • Streamed 3/10/20, 5/19/20, 5/22/20, 5/27/20, 6/6/20

    5/19/20 - Streamed again and completely forgot to add this to the list last time we streamed. Also been playing with the girlfriend and some buddies.

    5/23/20 - Have officially started playing outside stream times, the end is nigh.

  • 5/21/20 - Bought on an Epic sale. Played for about 20 minutes before I realized it wasn't something I wanted to play now. So I got it refunded. It was really good, but I'll play it someday later.

  • 5/23/20 - Started playing the campaign and some multiplayer to level up guns and unlock operators for Warzone.

  • Streamed 5/26/20

    5/26/20 - Minecraft Dungeons just doesn't seem to have enough to keep me engaged. It's been an okay podcast game, but other than that it's not doing much for me.

  • 5/31/20 - Been playing a lot over the past week, it's still the ultimate do something else while playing game.

  • Streamed 5/30/20

  • Finished 6/7/20

    6/1/20 - Finally started after years of it sitting in my Steam "To Play" category.

    6/4/20 - Made it to the reveal. Got stuck on a part for a bit and considered throwing in the towel, but thankfully this game gives you a wide array of options. Made it over the hump, although the game still spooks the hell out of me.

  • Streamed 6/9/20

    6/5/20 - Great game out the gate!

  • 6/6/20 - Tuned in for the Almighty Event. Was way too long, but shows what they're capable of in the future, looking forward to see the new content on the 9th.

    11/10/20 - Back for Beyond Light and I'm really enjoying it. The first time I revisited Destiny 2 that I felt that I knew what i was doing/had to do since Forsaken.

  • Finished 6/7/20

  • 6/8/20 - Playing the remaster on PS4 and recording footage for Kyle's video.

  • Streamed 6/16/20

    6/8/20 - Started playing in preparation for next weeks Server Quest. Been using as my replacement for WoW as a podcast game and really enjoying it.

  • Finished 6/17/20

    Streamed 6/8/20, 6/10/20, 6/15/20, 6/17/20

    6/8/20 - Streamed, what a not good game

    6/10/20 - Streamed it again, what is wrong with me?

    6/17/20 - Finished!

  • Streamed 6/11/20

    6/10/20 - Ian and I did a test game for the stream tomorrow.

  • Finished 7/8/20

    6/12/20 - Ian's gonna be so happy.

    6/19/20 - This game is very good, 17 hours in.

    7/2/20 - 34 hours in...

  • 6/14/20 - Time to continue

    7/8/20 - Diving in more, the systems are neat, but I feel I would appreciate them more in multiple playthroughs.

  • 6/17/20 - Played some with Nathaniel and Dan and really enjoyed it. Still feel weird about the perk system in the multiplayer, seems unbalanced, but enjoying it nonetheless.

    7/6/20 - Playing more with the boys, I still think this game would be better with abilities and no perks.

  • Streamed 6/22/20

  • Streamed 6/20/20

    6/18/20 - Tested game with Zac

  • Streamed 6/18/20

  • 6/25/20 - Research for video analysis

    Check out the video:

  • Streamed 6/25/20, 6/27/20, 7/2/20, 7/7/29, 7/9/20

    7/6/20 - Spent two hours finding and retrieving my rover from the core of the planet, this game is good.

    7/9/20 - We beat the game! The whole route to the ending is neat, and the final destination is eerily cool. Wonder if anything will come of the ending.

  • Streamed 6/23/20

  • 7/1/20 - Got on the Steam sale, looking forward to what it offers.

    7/2/20 - This game is weird, but I'm determined to stick with it.

  • Streamed 6/30/20, 7/11/20

  • Finished 7/13/20

    7/10/20 - Going to finish this.

    7/11/20 - On to Chapter 8, i think I'm nearing the end, looking forward to the dumb story beats.

  • 7/11/20 - Testing for livestream, really cool concept. Remains me of a more polished Hell of falling Sand.

  • 7/11/20 - Alex got me truckin'.

    7/18/20 - Bought my first truck!

  • Streamed 7/18/20

    7/17/20 - Started!

    7/20/20 - Maybe 5 hours in, really digging it.

    8/2/20 - Back on to it after my brief break for Halo (still working through Halo 5).

    8/5/20 - Still chuggin'. On the Act 2!

  • Streamed 7/16/20

    7/16/20 - Streamed The Game of LIFE.

  • Streamed 7/21/20, 7/28/20, 8/4/20, 8/11/20, 8/15/20, 8/20/20, 8/25/20, 9/1/20

    7/20/20 - Tutorials and testing for upcoming stream.

    7/21/20 - Test stream went well, starting plans for a more campaign based stream series.

    7/28/20 - Streamed "A Long Way" by R34P3R

    8/2/20 - Training with Ian and Zac, we nailed it!

  • Finished 7/26/20

    7/24/20 - Seeing Halo Infinite gameplay made me want to replay the Halo games. I already did Halo CE and reach this year, so starting with 2.

  • Finished 7/27/20

    7/26/20 - On to 3.

  • Finished 7/31/20

    7/27/20 - On to 4.

  • 7/31/20 - On to 5.