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Gunstar Heroes would be great and I would also say Dinosaurs for Hire for the Genesis, which is a surprisingly decent run' n gun in that and the Contra vein. Also seems right up Vinny and Dan's alley in terms of dinosaurs wearing sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts.

Also as a huge fan of the Final Fight/Streets of Rage style beat-em-up, I'm gonna say that style of game is not well suited to this format. Mostly because optimizing your run means relying on stun locking enemies, which is fine when you're playing but boring to watch objectively. Shoot em ups inherently aren't very fun to watch either in my opinion, despite both of the aforementioned genres taking a pretty big share of the old, hard co-op game selection.

Run 'n guns are probably the best suited to this series, as we've seen with the Contra games. The Rolling Thunder games might be good, as while they're technically run 'n gun they also basically play like Shinobi.

Two Crude Dudes (previously suggested) is a 2D beat em up like an Altered Beast. I would have thought before that these would be great games for this series, but now after the earth shattering revelation that there is barely any strategy whatsoever to Altered Beast (which nobody actually thought was a good game, but it was a huge flagship title for Sega and... I really thought there must have been something else to that eye ball boss, you know?) I'm starting to think such game will either be too easy or have very similar issues.

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Just remembered some Migos songs.

In Beast, Quavo raps "Put it in, Navi and we can link" which might sound like a coincidence, just talking about GPS, but then he emphasizes "Navi and Link" which is unmistakably an Ocarina reference. Would have been funny if he slid a "hey! Listen" in there instead.

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& from Culture I, the last line of the chorus in What's The Price is "Like a pro skater did my own grind". Now I could be wrong about this, but I don't think the phrase 'pro skater' is commonly used without at least implicitly referring to either Tony Hawk's video game series or Jeff Gerstmann's video series. Plus those games took grinding to a whole other level.

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@tunaburn said:

why couldnt they just make an elder scrolls online version of fallout?

I'm really glad they didn't. As much as the game frustrates me, for many of the things that have been expressed by others, I'm still glad they were able to make the game feel like Fallout (since 3... in combat at least... sans vats) while having online. I gave Elder Scrolls Online a fair shake after hearing Jeff say something about how the game has made it to the point where you can play it solo and it feels like a single player game. After I got through all the tutorial shit and went to the first dungeon you're required to go to, I realized the enemies respawn every couple of minutes or so. While you're already inside the dungeon. It reminded me of Runescape or something, (the only MMO I really played) and also why I never play MMOs. That completely breaks any sense of progression - and also immersion - for me, especially in a game of the Bethesda mold.

Speaking for just 76, I'm someone who played way too much of Fallout 4 because I got so invested in the base building stuff. I hate the limits of the system and all the stupid improperly surfaced information (like the settler happiness, ugh), but I still enjoy being able to explore and loot everything I see and have somewhere to build something out of that afterwards. So I like being able to build a camp virtually at any unmarked location, but I hate their claiming workshop system which should just save everything you've already built at a location. But hey, if you don't care for the building stuff at all, I completely understand why you'd loathe this game.

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" Blowing on the endo Game Cube Nintendo" - Slim Thug's verse in in the Houston rap classic Still Tippin' featuring Mike Jones (who?), Slim Thug, and Paul Wall

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In my opinion the best Pac-Man reference that will ever be is during Push's verse on Mercy "I'm bill droppin', Ms. Pac-Man, this pill poppin' ass ho."

I listen to a lot of A Tribe Called Quest and unfortunately the only mention of theirs that I recall is when Consequence says "While I be trying to get star status like Shinobi" on Stressed Out. I say unfortunately because Consequence is Q-Tip's cousin who is on their fourth album randomly & way too often, kind of ruining it. Shinobi is the shit though so props to him for that at least.

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I'm bummed Sakurai didn't flip on Waluigi. That would have been a great final surprise, even though people were shitty to him. Also bummed that Tom Nook isn't at least an echo of Isabelle at this point, the main villain of many other Nintendo franchises are present.

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An adventure game on the PC which from what I remember about the graphics could have been made in late 80's-90's. All I remember is a screen where a barrel with the radioactive symbol on it is centered in the frame and the game sort of taking a darker turn after that. Maybe skeletons.

This is only of my earliest game memories so I don't quite trust my memory. I think I watched my father play it on his Windows 95 computer when I was like 5. I think he was narrating it so i could understand what was happening and stopped when it got too weird.

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I'm confused as to why changes saved are no longer immediate with all the wiki points I have now. Took a while to accumulate that many for this reason, and not sure what the point of wiki points are anymore without that whole system. (Assuming this is intentional)

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I love IV, VI VII and X's soundtracks and generally all of Uematsu's work on the series. They've done good work without him but it'll never be as memorable.

I'm gonna go with IV because I see it as the series first shining beacon of greatness I guess. Did you know they remade that 16 bit game in 8 bit? I feel like the soundtrack passes some sort of test for sounding great after that whole conversion process.

Here are some of my top picks


Main Theme

4 Archfiends

Cave Music


Red Wings/Opening Music

Theme of Upset

Giant of BABIL

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I regard the wiki here as very valuable, especially when it comes to information which isn't provided anywhere else. I am proud to have contributed here for this reason. That being said, I was inspired by Jeff's assertion on the Bombcast recently that the site and the means with which content is produced needs to evolve, and I think on the community side that is also true. We can go much further as a resource for obscure video games.

Users; many moderators in fact, have basically been working around the let's play formula for years now with text and screenshots. Why not give them the best venue to directly create what is already original content for the site? It is now easier than ever to record audio and gameplay. It is hard to imagine most people without some form of microphone and access to some sort of PC video capture tool.

I need to state that what I'm thinking isn't an alternative to YouTube and isn't meant to compete with the content on the main page. Uploading unique video content to wiki pages, similar to how we already upload images and the like, seems to me the currently most efficient means to provide knowledge about a video game. Video games differ from all other mediums in that they are worlds to be explored and experienced. Even in linear games it is next to impossible for two people can play the same game the exact same way. Video is the best way to convey one's experience with a video game to another person. The result has the potential to be useless, but even more potential to provide insight.

I would suggest this be implemented within our point system, and it should be emphasized that the content is uniquely created by the user. If the user has over 1000 points or whatever threshold should be implemented, they can then implicitly be trusted to post their own content. Otherwise content should be vetted by a cursory Google search. If the same thing is a popular YouTube video obviously not authored by the user, it shouldn't stand. But if the user can provide some form of proof they are uploading a video they also uploaded on their YouTube account, that shouldn't be a problem. I get that people can already do this stuff themselves on YouTube, but here we can have a clear emphasis on providing knowledge.

What I would want to see is stuff with a direction, not simply random gameplay footage (there's plenty of that elsewhere on the internet). We should have content which, like our wiki, provides information found nowhere else on the internet. Encylopedia Bombastica would be an excellent model with which to do this, otherwise full playthroughs with running (thoughtful) commentary would be great as well.

I would like to know if this isn't possible because of the site's bandwidth limitations. I'm also open to constructive criticism of the idea and why it might not work.