My Top 15 games of 2009 v2 + new banner!

So I finally sat down and did a proper banner like image for use here on gamespot to spice up my profile and I personally love it! Harley is the best! :D What do you think? **Many thanks go to Pepsiman for providing a .PSD with the dimensions, they helped out!

Also, back on topic, here is version 2 of my "Top 15 of 2009" list that details the games I'm most excited to play this year. I'm going to post a small snippet and then you can follow the link to the full post on my blogger page.

#9 (last time #9) -
(T) - DiRT 2
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - The original DiRT (Colin McRae's of course) was awe inspiring. Simply the best racer this generation. It was the perfect mix of arcade racing (something like MotorStrom) and simulation/realism (like Gran Turismo) with top notch visuals, vehicles, damage, tracks and on and on and on. DiRT2 looks to improve on that and I couldn't be happier.

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