How does a bird end up in a closed bedroom?

So i wake up today at about 9am to find a bluebird sitting on top of my blinds and my door shut, how exactly did a bird get there? couldn't of gone through my AC unit outside because vents are closed, the inside filter system is too small for a bird to get through, no holes or anything in my room leading to the outside.

Is it a sign? fuck is going on.



So i went into surgery yesterday thinking they were going to cut open my armpit to remove 1-2 lymph nodes and instead they decided to cut right at my neck to remove one, luckily i was completely under and signs are looking good, he now believes it isn't lymphoma cancer but my neck hurts like a mother trucker, haven't slept since before the surgery, can't lay on my sides on my bed it hurts too bad even with the painkillers, same with my back. I had to prop myself up some on my sofa last night to try to get some sleep and maybe got around 2-4 uninterrupted sleep.
I am so exhausted, tomorrow i should be able to remove the bandage so i can clean it and hopefully it will feel better, this is for those 0 people out there that care.