Best of 1990

A new decade arrived and the next 5 years would in my opinion would be the best period of game releases ever, a "Golden Years" as it were. 1990 would also be the final year of my Master System and also the year it actually paid off in some ways with some great last gasp releases. But 1990 for me again belonged to the PC and that wannabe Pirate who could hold his breath for 10 minutes and not die.

List items

  • Returning to the traditional Lucasarts formula. Monkey Island 1 was a silly, funny, cornball graphic adventure that demanded repeat plays. Even though at the time it took me nearly a month playing for 3 hours a day to get through all the puzzles. Great fun and more than worth the money. Thank you Ron Gilbert.

  • I never had so much fun blasting away space ships than in this game (well till X-Wing arrived) Wing Commander was a rewarding gaming experience. This would have been my number one if it didn't seem so short.

  • Complicated, long and in-depth. A great WWII sub simulator who's pedigree still lives on today.

  • I went into Loom expecting more of the LucasArts charm. What I found was something that broke the mold. Tough, complex and a bit of a struggle at times. Loom still holds a place up there for it's originality.

  • One of the first WWI flight simulators and still the best in my opinion. The career mode was brilliant.

  • This was a fun beat em' up. In many ways Golden Axe was a watershed in the genre. I enjoyed this game immensely. It wasn't until years later that I found out it was a dodgy port. But it still makes this list because it was fun for me at the time.

  • Stupid dumb shooting fun. Simple as that. It was big and took ages to play. Good value.

  • Even though it shouldn't be in this list. This simplistic platformer just oozed charm, so much so that you wanted to finish it.

  • This game while okay, seems pretty average looking back on it, but I enjoyed playing it nonetheless.

  • Cute and enjoyable platform action.