Best of 1991

1991 was yet another pillar year for games. 1991 would be the last year of my NES console and also the first year of my Mega Drive. But still this year was all PC for me in my maturing game playing habits. Simulations were taking up a lot of my time this year. 1991 was also a rare year where a Lucasarts game didn't make in into my list and 1991 also showed us what still is even, today two of the most impressive examples of platform gaming EVER!

List items

  • After a personally disappointing Mario 2, Mario 3 was a resounding return to form in the Mario series. Easily the best game of 1991.

  • Finally Sega created a cool platform title. Sonic was a fast enjoyable game for my new mega drive. But he still wasn't good enough to beat that plumber.

  • A brilliant sequel to Wing Commander. More spaceflight, more blasting, more fun. Simulators were really becoming a personal fave.

  • I remember this one not being very popular upon release. But this was the best adventure game I played outside of the Lucasarts realm.

  • A great helicopter flight simulator from the masters of the genre, Microprose. It was always fun to blast tanks and convoys with you chain gun. POW!

  • Sid Meier starts something brilliant. Civilization was deep and fun, enjoyable and time consuming. But IMO, this series wouldn't become truly great until Civ II. Great still, but not perfect.

  • Larry moved into a new graphics engine after the Larry 1 re-make and this was a good enjoyable addition to the series. But you could tell the joke becoming a little dry.

  • This was a deep flight simulator that was deviously simple to play, which is what a flight simulator should be like. Reading a 300 page book to fly a plane is all good, but sometimes you don't want too much realism.

  • This one was just a mindless fun!

  • Jones was fun for a quick game, you could generally finish a round in an hour. Pity life wasn't as easy. Sims lite?