Best of 1992

1992 would be a brilliant year for games. Looking back, this year was the hardest to pick so far. So many brilliant and seminal titles saw the light of day. The SNES finally showed up late in the year. The Mega Drive failed to excite me and the PC was producing more and more solid titles than before and Lucasarts release two of the greatest games ever made.

List items

  • The granddaddy of all adventure games, Fate Of Atlantis was brilliant for it's time. Multiple story paths, IQ points. It just made your want to replay it over and over. The story was brilliant. It's a shame the Indy games are not like this today.

  • Guybrush Threepwood was back, this time in a more impressive and bigger World with an excellent wit. The only thing that stopped this from being No.1 was the brilliant Hal Barwood designed, Fate of Atlantis.

  • The best game ever released on the SNES, Zelda was a fun ride. Challenging but not to hard at the same time. Zelda was just classic fun from the people from Nintendo. It was so good it made me go back to the original. But sadly for Nintendo, Lucasarts stole it's thunder. TWICE!

  • Just plain huge, including the box it came in! Ultima VII was the then game equivalent to an epic film of the sixties. Huge, sprawling, deep and absorbing. Never topped by the rest of the games in the Ultima series.

  • Or if you live outside Planet America, Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix. The first in Geoff Crammond's brilliant Grand Prix series. Brilliant graphics, addictive game play and great multi play functionality made this one an instant classic.

  • Interplay tried to usurp LucasArts in the adventure game stakes and almost did it too.

  • B17 was one of those flight sims that just grabbed you. It was deep and controlling 10 men could be a challenge. But the fact that you could only control one if you liked was even more fun. There was also a sense of palpable tension hoping you would make it back home.

  • The grand daddy of first person shooters. Wolfenstein 3D was a classic, violent, fast, addictive. But looking back on it, this was refined and handled better in DOOM.

  • Yet more great platform action from Sega. But sadly was just really more of the same on a new console.

  • A great EA adventure. Tough, challenging and great graphics.