Best of 1993

Like the year before it, 1993 was another stellar year in the "golden age" of games. My SNES was paying for itself with some great games and the Mega Drive disappointed yet again. But 1993 would also bring my favorite game of all time!

List items

  • While playing as a detective dog and psychotic rabbit was cool, playing as a geek, fat band roadie and a hippie was even cooler. DOTT is to me the best game ever made. It was cute, funny had great voice overs on the CD version and the multi time line game play was a pisser. A wonderful follow up to the great original. BEST GAME EVER!

  • One of the most warped adventure games ever. Nothing beat playing as a detective dog and a psychotic rabbit.

  • Lawrence Holland's excellent flight sim set in that galaxy far, far away. I played this one more than any game in 1993. But sadly it was just way too hard, which stopped it from getting higher. But it was O so worth the time to do the Death Star run. :-)

  • Okay I know it's pretty controversial to put this in fourth. Doom was a watershed moment in gaming history, it was a brilliant jaw dropping game that defined a genre, but it's in fourth because I wasn't into FPS at the time and the titles above took more of my time and had more depth.

  • An even better follow up to the previous years Star Trek adventures. Judgment Rites added more great story lines while removing the frustrating things about the original. Pity Interplay never made more.

  • Addictive uber violence from Bullfrog. Proves that they were the masters of the strategy game in the 90's

  • The only good game that Melbourne House released. Shadowrun was deep, engrossing and a really enjoyable RPG.

  • Classic racing fun for you and you're friends. Still made today. It's a testament to the classic status of this fun game.

  • One of the great SNES launch titles. The game was deep and made great use of the SNES's graphics. Although it always was fun to not pull the parachute rip cord and let your guy make a hole in the ground.

  • Simple point and click addictive fun, but with a message. Use your mouse to kill little fellows only several pixels high. Fast, cute & addictive fun.