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Best of 1994

1994 was again another year that wouldn't disappoint. By '94, my gaming preferences had heavily skewed towards the PC, but not totally. 1994 had quite a few good games. For example: One Must Fall 2097, Jazz Jackrabbit were great fun. Microsoft Space Simulator was difficult in a fun way and Doom II completely disappointed me because it was more of the same. Sadly it also started a trend that continues to this day. Milking a property for all it's worth!

List items

  • The Original X-Wing was great, this one was even greater. It's always fun to be able to fight as the bad guys in the Star Wars universe.

  • Finally, the sequel to one of the most addictive games of all time. Sim City 2000 took the original game and took it to the next level. Many months were spent stuck to the computer screen in 1994 thanks to this one.

  • Who wouldn't be excited by the sequel to one of the most fun NES titles ever. Huge in scope and a literal blast to play. Super Metroid delivered a great sequel.

  • SimCity lite.. Theme Park was just one of those enjoyable titles. Easy to get into, hard to master. Great fun from Bullfrog and a great followup to Syndicate.

  • Wing Commander 3 had quite a few bugs and it's was a complete hog system wise. But WC3 was a hoot to play and a great wind up to the Kilrathi saga. Personally, it's a pity they didn't stop making them here because WC4 never really lived up to it's predecessors.

  • This was an odd one. Twinsen's Adventure was a breath of fresh air in the adventure genre. It could be frustrating at times, but at least it was fun to play. This is why games can be fun. When a company takes a risk, sometimes a great and original game can emerge. Sadly the gaming World isn't like this anymore.

  • Another adventure great. This one was a bit too dark for me to enjoy totally unlike the Lucasarts adventures. But it still stands as one of my favorites for the year.

  • An ambitious and rewarding WWI action based flight simulator in the vein of Strike Commander.