Best of 1997

1997 saw the release of the Nintendo 64 here in Australia and with it one of the best games ever made! But that was edged out of the top spot by the sequel to one of my favorite first person shooters of all time.

List items

  • What else is there to say. The sequel to one of my favorite games ever and a cracking FPS at that too. Still played today!

  • Really, this one was a given. Mario 64 was and still is today one of the greatest platform games EVER! It's fun yet moderately difficult game play, mixed with a huge amount of levels kept me playing this one until the end. So good I still play it on the Wii's virtual console.

  • A nice welcome return of Guybrush Threepwood. But Curse was just missing something now that Ron Gilbert had gone. It was at this point that the decline of the adventure game genrewas becoming evident.

  • Utterly brilliant role playing game from Interplay. So good it was replayed many times by me over the years. The series is so solid, it even continues to this day!

  • What's this? A first person shooter on a console that is actually good! Yes indeed. So good in fact it's still the yardstick many console shooters get measured today with!

  • Another good strategy game entry, but wasn't as strong as Civilization. Besides, Age of Empires 2 was still to come.

  • Finally after what seemed a long wait, the new X-Wing game arrived. But it was lacking something. That something was a good story line as it focused too much on the multi player aspect.. But Alliance was still to come! As was the obligatory add on.

  • From humble beginnings, the GTA series is now a behemoth. But DMA's little politically incorrect game was a great diversion in it's day!

  • Yes it was huge, yes it looked the goods, yes it deserves the critical acclaim it got. But the whole Jappyness of it left me a bit cold.

  • The obligatory sequel, though not as polished or as good as it's daddy and looking in retrospect, a very plain shooter!