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Best of 1998

With the notable exception of only a couple of games, 1998 was most definitely a PC gaming year. Maybe it was my growing age or the fact consoles weren't doing it for me so much any more, but the PC was charging along at a massive thanks to games like the wonderful Half-Life. 

List items

  • Something would be terribly wrong if this didn't make it to the top of my list. With the proliferation of FPS games destroying the adventure game market. It was a breath of fresh air that Valve could make a FPS with brains! Brilliant.

  • Quirky adventure fun! Sadly unappreciated by the general gaming audience who had all become retarded thanks to the proliferation of FPS shooters!

  • An as difficult as they come racer which again was not appreciated by American audiences. Why we let the yanks judge the success of something I'll never know, they wouldn't know good if it stared them in the face!

  • Only the second console entry this year in my list. MGS was a brilliantly designed game that literally had my heart pumping..

  • Yes brilliant, yes deserves to be higher, but we'd seen these before. Technically brilliant, but it left me a bit cold compared to the previous chapter.

  • Excellent RPG gaming from the makers of Fallout 1 & 2. This was even more fun than Fallout 2 which was released the same year!

  • Solid and competent sequel to Fallout, but not as good as Black Isle Studios next game.

  • Technically excellent strategy game from Blizzard software, but it had been seen before so I wasn't overly impressed.

  • A return to the heyday of computer flight simulations with massive manuals. Falcon 4 was too ambitious for it's day and now is only starting to be appreciated by and audience thanks to a thriving open development community.

  • The biggest disappointment of the year. Overly hyped, beautiful to look at. But just a flat and average shooter. Better things were to come.