Wii U's Post Launch Reactions, Mass Effect 4 & Sony's problems

This week hasn't been much for gaming news, other than huge sales and a slew of game releases.

So I want to talk about the following interesting tidbits:

Wii U post launch reactions: Despite all the mixed reception the console has been getting, I’m quite optimistic about its future. I think that all hardware launches have issues at the start but its up to the manufacturer to fix them and show publishers and developers alike that this is a system they need to develop for.

Mass Effect 4, prequel or sequel?: This one is tough to answer. While I think both are great, I’m leaning towards a sequel because I really want to know how Bioware will tie the ME3 ending to future of the Mass Effect Universe. How creative can they be?

Sony’s credit rating takes a hit: I think most people saw this coming, credit rating agency “Fitch” has downgraded Sony’s credit status to “junk”. This indicates the negative state the company has been in recent years, but doesn't take away from the fact that Sony is slowly but surely turning things around.

As usual I put up a video talking about each topic more thoroughly, so check it out if you like!

Oh and excuse my bad hair. I’m just very tired today and stuff :P