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  • #1. I don't often play through games a second time. I don't often play through games a second time as soon as i finished them, so borderlands is really terrific. I never played diablo and only dabbled in the diablo clones like Hellgate: London but I was pretty sure I was going to like this game.

    The fact that there isn't much of a story doesn't really bother me, its there when you need it and serves a good purpose of pushing you forward.

    I know some people didn't like Claptrap but I found him, along with other characters like Scooter and Dr. Ned to be really funny. The zombie island DLC took the humour to new heights and showed that they can do story well.

    Overall I just had a fun time choosing my weapons and shooting everything and anything.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: The shooting sounds. Every gun just had a good sound effect that made it seem really powerful

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    Its Batman so who wouldn't like this game? Plus Joker is in it, so as soon as I had heard what this game was about I was pretty much sold.

    The game is incredible at the fan service. I never read the comic books but I wanted to so badly after finishing the game.

    The stealth sections are some of my favourite in any game. I love planning the perfect way to take everyone out, then when nothing goes right just using silent takedowns on everyone.

    While the fighting sections just make me feel like a bad-ass when i snap someones leg then jump on top of another guy and punch his face in.

    This is one of the first games that i actually tried to get 100% completion in, the riddler challenges were tough but fair.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: Using the horizontal zipline to take out a bunch of guys.

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    Maybe i'm not qualified to have this on my list since i haven't completed it yet. but its going to take a lot to make me hate this game. The visuals are incredibly unique and it never gets old using the twin blades to take people down.

    There is an incredible amount of stuff to do and I don't know how i'm going to find the time for it all.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: The tombs. They are just the right amount of challenge and fun.

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    This game says go and doesn't stop once until the very end. If you played this in one sitting I could see how some people would feel worn out after, but spread out the story over a week or so and it becomes nonstop fun.

    While not always making sense the story did keep me engaged more than most fps'. Plus the very ending was so fun when I thought i was killed I was happy because it meant i would get to try that part over again.

    Leveling in mulitplayer is a great idea and IW has made a system that makes multiplayer very fun and worthwhile to continue. The campers are annoying but not everyone does it so theres still enough people to make the maps fun.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: During No Russian a man was trying to pull another guy into some cover because he had been shot. then a team mate just walks up to them and shoots them. Honestly gave me some chills.

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    I can sum up this game in about 3 words: Its more Halo. That's all you really need to know. I didn't find the nighttime sequences different from a combat perspective but the ambiance was something worth noting.

    The music is still great, the combat is still great, the story is still great if you are willing to find out stuff outside of the game (which I know many of you aren't).

    Then all the multiplayer on one disc! I hadn't paid for any new maps yet so it was great to get them.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: The nighttime music. I can count on one hand the number of games where I care about the music and this makes that list.

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    The fact that I can enjoy this game as a single player game speaks for nintendo's ability to make great games. I really enjoyed all the sports, some like frisbee and golf were too tough to just pick up and enjoy but they are by no means bad.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: The people on the island. When flying around its nice to see some quirky people doing quirky things.

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    Fallout 3 could be higher, but technically the game came out in 2008. But i didn't start playing until later in this year and boy what a game.

    I was initially put off by the sheer amount of things to do but once i got into it i was sold.

    Yes the combat is somewhat lacking but its good enough to overlook with the crazy things you can do.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: Oh man Andale was one messed up town.

  • #8.

    Professor Layton is a scholar and a gentleman, plus he can swordfight. The story manages to be interesting without seeming overly hokey or cheesy. It was a great touch making the puzzles fit in with what was happening. If any had been recycled from the last game I didn't care/notice.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: Trains. Spirit Tracks also knows this, but people (guys mostly) love trains.

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    Without a doubt the best rhythm game i've played on a handheld. this game only has one or two songs that I don't care to listen to. The way that all the different minigames come together in the remixes is really nice, even if those remixes can be really tough.

    Best Small Thing About This Game: Ping pong in space. Done.

  • #10.

    One of about 5 decent DSiWare games, and one that came out fairly early. This puzzler is entirely unique and challenging while managing to have characters that, while they have no personality, were still cool

    Best Small Thing About This Game: The last level is just redonkulous.