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I refuse to "change" anything from the "gamers" side of this perception bullshit.

It is up to the ignorant, mouth-breathing simpletons to stop shifting the blame of bad parenting and education on easily-attacked forms of entertainment.

Guess what? Before we had violent movies, video games, television...fuck, even guns...people killed each other FOR NO LOGICAL GODDAMN REASON.

I refuse to conform and contort myself to someone else's fucktarded ideals of "normalcy" just because they can't get their fat useless heads out of their fucking asses.

Fuck Biden, fuck the NRA, fuck anyone who can't figure out that the problem is their own ignorance. I'm going to keep playing my games, where I can blow up a hooker without consequence, because I UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND FICTION.

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ITT: I DON'T LIKE [insert musical group/artist name here], AND THEREFORE NO ONE CAN LIKE IT, FOR MY WORD IS LAW!

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Eh, it's a bit more expensive than I thought...but it looks like a price point that will lure in enough people that are ignorant of what "next gen" should be to make Nintendo rich again.

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"Better late than never, I suppose."

Only if they go back and remove this intrusive bullshit from all their previous titles, and offer a sincere written apology and/or refund/discount.

Otherwise, fuck them.

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"Yifan Lu is a Texas-based student, one who resents the term “hacker.” He’d prefer to be called a reverse engineer"

Dude, you're a hacker. What you are doing is the goddamn DEFINITION of hacking.


"Lu is known for previous exploits, including the first jailbreak for the Kindle Touch and PSXperia"

Yeah...shut up.

You are, at best (if we can actually trust that your hack doesn't allow or pave the way to piracy *coughcoughBULLSHITcough*) a "white hat"...but true white hatters would report the vulnerability of a system to its manufacturer instead of publicly post the exploit for personal (and most likely financial) gain.

You're a hacker. And kind of a douche.

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Obviously selecting and assembling PC parts is not the problem, they need an OS, a graphics API, both of which is property of Microsoft, who happen to have their own console, their own DRM and soon their own windows store.

A "steambox" wouldn't be PC compatible (= backwards compatible) without Microsoft. This is the dilemma, which will make or break steam.

It would be like building a console from scratch, maybe they can port Source engine games and use their UI and E-shop experience, but will it be enough?

Did you read ANY part of the article?

What Valve wants to do is to force the industry of computer gaming to evolve through HARDWARE advancements, not software.

Why would Valve, a company that makes money on a primarily Windows-OS market, make hardware that would not be compatible with Windows?

And honestly, with the growth of users with MacOS or Linux running Steam....wouldn't multi-system compatibility be the MOST important issue here?

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And nothing of value was lost.....

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I no longer feel any regret for not buying any blizzard games since warcraft 2.

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That statement from Microsoft is nonsense. "They decided not to patch the game, they could have but they didn't want to." Yeah, right. And just because Fish knew going in what the cost would be to update the game, it doesn't make the price fair, especially not for a really small company. What was he supposed to do? You just have to release it and hope everything works. And if you can't afford the 80k bill of two patches then I guess you're F'd in the A.

1: Microsoft waived the cost of the first patch....so your cost estimate is bull.

2: Polytron has had all the time of development, in-house troubleshooting, Microsoft certification, and play testing to get it right the first time. They, instead, chose to put out a broken product.

3: Polytron was given another chance to fix their broken product, was given time to find and fix all the errors....instead they decided to not value the extra time and free development of this patch and released yet another broken product.

I understand that microsoft's price for patches seems steep, but this is because they don't want idiots releasing half-finished bug fests on their popular xbla service, and screwing Microsoft and the customer over with the costs related to storing and releasing patches. Microsoft wants their customers to feel safe and secure that they aren't going to have their game saves deleted, or their consoles lock up due to shitty software.

Phil should just keep his whiny mouth shut and be thankful that Microsoft gave his team all that they got. There are plenty of "indie" developers out there that would kill for the opportunity to sell their ideas to a large market.

Also, it costs good money to host and distribute patches to millions of people...why shouldn't the party responsible for the necessity of these patches pay part of that cost?

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@NicksCorner said:

Who are you talking to? The OP were just asking for a more clear acknowledgement of who is sending the stuff. You know, sorta like they always read out the name before doing emails on the podcast.

Seems to me that it is you with the anger issues.

I'm sorry you can't read, but the OP was complaining about his perceived lack of positive response and appreciation from the GB crew for the crates full of crap they get.

His complaints are formed from ignorance of the mailbag videos, and therefore are subject to the negative feedback and ridicule found here.


@Humanity said:

@ModerateViolence: By your own logic I don't remember ever saying they weren't gracious about receiving the packages so na na na look at me just flipping things around like a pro. I'm not sure what you mean by an all or nothing response, but I know they never seemed off put by any packages and they are always quite excited to receive and open them. So maybe in the future don't try to project your own emotions onto others and treat it as fact so much.

Once they come out and say they don't want any more packages then it will be perfectly reasonable for them to not feel excited or happy when they open them - which is not a huge issue as I think they're fine about opening the packages. Sometimes they get stuff and they seem like they don't really care but when it's like DVD's of shitty B movies and books on cars cause someone mentioned in passing once that they "like" cars then it's understandable.

This point has been made several times in this thread, but its the cold hard truth: the guys appreciate that users out there like them enough to spend money on them, but sending a lifetime supply of salted crabs with jars of buttermilk to wash it down isn't going to get a positive reaction out of them.....

But no matter what, they will record their honest reactions on digital film, and post it for the entertainment (mostly through jealousy or schadenfreude) of others.

Once again, if you can't understand what mailbag videos are about, if you can't appreciate the humor here...you probably shouldn't be here.