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Business status: still truckin'

About last week I remembered I never made a GDC post- and then I remembered nobody commented on my last post and that's probably why-... but I just wrote an official checkpoint, so fuck it. I'll just keep it short or something.


A couple years ago I showed a game at MineCon, and before that I'd never been to anything like that. So this was my second time in America, and we went as a lil company to FGS and GDC 2013.

I'll summarise San Francisco by saying it's very nice, and is full of fucking homeless people.

Honestly, using the "bart" and the "muni" in "the bay area" and doing all this other shit that GiantBomb and IGN and all these podcasts and website talk about every day felt really bizzarre to me.

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FGS was a fat bunch o fun. Seeing Alex in real life is cool, as we're running this bullshit over Skype right now. We met a bunch of internet-friends, like the developers of Burrito Bison and Abobo's Big Adventure. As well as a bunch of people who kind of wanna transition from puttin games on Newgrounds to puttin games on Steam, or the much more business-oriented "transition from putting games on KONGREGATE to putting games on TABLET DEVICES."

I went to a lot of talks about free-to-play games, and some of it seems like fun.


There's like 20,000 people at this thing and it's gigantic. I waddled around the expo floor like a huge baby. Every day I went to lectures on business, and let me tell ya: Business fucking sucks. If you have an inkling that social games and in-app-purchases and "whale-baiting" might be kind of a scam: You are right, it 110% fucking is. It is criminal and they know it.

After that was the expo floor! On the expo floor was every god damn person from the internet. I've never met people from the internet before, but I listen to a lot of podcasts, and watch a lot of bullcrap. So this was especially weird. Here are my personal highlights, that actually happened in real lilfe:

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On the last night we went to the awards show. Cart Life won a lot, the room was fucking BIG. From there we went to the Valve party that was mentioned by Tim Schaefer in real life. It was very fun.

Hey don't fuckin blame me- whenever I go into detail, people just see a wall of text n leave. "It was very fun" is where I have to draw the line now, I didn't ask for this!


The short version is that we have someone dedicated to updating our old game now, and it isn't me. Which is good news.

In the meantime- we are teaming up with another developer! We haven't said who, or what the game is yet, but it's a fast-paced competetive multiplayer game. We saw people playing it at shows, and everyone was super excited and loving this game, but it was for sale on XBLIG. So obviously we're gonna be working with these guys to put it on Steam, I'm doing new art and animation.

After that, it's back to JetGetters, THE MOST COOL GAME ANYONE'S EVER THOUGHT OF. I seriously can't wait to play this game, and have made it. It's nuts.

As always, I am super fucking cantankerous about how our budget stuff has to run, and how our customer support looks, and promotion efforts and all this peripheral stuff that makes the dream job of being an independant developer an actual sour pain in the arse. Obviously you wanna be one of these perfect fan-favourite independants like DoubleFine or Vlambeer or Capy, but y'know... being nice clashes with making money in just about every conversation, it turns out.

Maybe if we put out great games every year, people'll just focus on that. Hopefully that's the case, cos I really like our next couple games. Coming 2013!