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Guess who's on Steam it's me I_smell

Before you read this, DEFINATELY back out and vote on whether or not you say "excuse me" when you sneeze, then answer the poll of whether or not fur is hair, and how many hats you own. I've decided to stop feeling bad about writing huge blog posts about this stuff that nobody reads, and just fucking own it. Nobody comment, I'm fucking serious.
IT'S TRUE! No Time To Explain, the game I made in a weekend in October 2010, then Kickstarted, patched, expansioned, pirate-bayed, and finally GREENLIT is confirmed for Steam... that makes it sound like I've held onto it all this time, but I've actually done a hundred things since then. If being sandwiched between Dragon's Lair and Euro Truck Simulator 2 doesn't spell "100% legit game developer" then I don't know what does.
I'm still conflicted about how I feel selling this game- you know all about that if you've read my blog before- but right now I'm just excited to be on Steam.
I've been re-making art and animation assets all week in preperation. I actually thought up until today that we might be on some do-not-greenlight blacklist.

Anyway in the time since I last posted, I had fun with a fake twitter account. It blasted up from nothing to a thousand followers! Then I guess I got busy, and kinda bored of people just @replying that my facts weren't true :/ 
It was fun though, for a while.
  I've had to really put PunchGunner (maybe I should call it "Bear Arms"?) to one side cos I've had no fucking money. I posted the design doc in another blog somewhere, so you can find it if you're a super-sleuth. Hopefully I can rely on NTTE sales and crank this game up to announcement-trailer level.
There's a hundred other things to talk about, but hey you guys don't have all fuckin day. I cashed in a shoebox full o change I've had since I was like 12. There's the story.
OH-- Y'know what I just noticed I never shared this game jam game I made. Play that, it's really good.
Anyway now I'm a big-shot mainstream dev, so... I guess I should... start being mean to women? ...make a dick of myself on NeoGaf? This could take some getting used to. EDIT- Oh PCGamer want to ask me what this experience was like, but I don't know if it's gonna be me or Alex doing the interview. If it's me then I'll post it here.