I went to Minecon and all I released was this lousy trailer

AND THAT WAS MY FIRST CON! Incase you didn't know, I had a booth at Minecon in Las Vegas. Somewhere around midnight I came out of a strip club remembering there was an after-party, so I didn't go to that. Apparantly some "Dead Mice" character was there playing electronic pop music (?)

MineCon was FFUUUUUUUUUULL, it was sold out at 3,000 people. Kids love our game, people recognized us, 4 people asked me for an autograph, 2 people interviewed me, one guy asked "Is I_smell here" (it was Joshua Tomar). I did my post-mortem, there was a good few people and everyone laughed at the right parts, it went really well and none of it was awkward or slow or anything. Anyone who hadn't bought the game had only heard of the web game, or only heard of our Kickstarter.

There was a good handful o people there who made games you've heard of. Octodad, Retro City Rampage, Crayon Physics, Terry Cavanagh, Danny Baranowski-- but I didn't really talk much. I made small talk to a couple people like "hey this looks really cool!" or "yeah man, publishers suck!" but that gets boring pretty quick.

I used to think the art style for No Time was a total cop-out, but looking at some of the art-games around us it doesn't look too bad. A lot of people complimented us on how it looked. Tonnes of people shouted "Oh, there's No Time To Explain!" from across the floor and did the lame joke of saying there was no time to explain certain things, and some hipsters would quote the game or whatever.

Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV) spoke to me for a sec and said "hey we talked on email that time" which was funny because I remember coming off as a dick that one time (I wont write down the whole conversation) and I ESPECIALLY felt like a dick because Alex (Producer, marketeer, so on) saw his booth being empty as an opportunity to spam it with vouchers for our game... actually the whole convention was covered in half-price stickers for our game; I'm here with a marketing producer and 2 people who organise game conferences, so they basically saw the whole thing through Terminator-vision.

Season 2 has 3 weeks to come out but I've still got plenty of stuff to do on it. I have to make 3 boss fights, 10 more levels, a final cutscene, add in all the hats and make sure the level portal's working properly..

This is the trailer ending I originally had before we came to the conclusion that i was the only person on earth who laughed at it. Still wanna get it out there somewhere:

and who is this?

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