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I_smell's creative blog, Speptober-Octaumbrejeur

Fuck, shit, and also balls.
First things first, I collated a HUGE lilst of Behind-The-Scenes game developer talk, so if you're into that, definately bookmark my list

I had a big gap for a couple weeks where I was too busy doing company work to actually do my own work, but breaking out of that I drew more space:
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The original version of that one on the left is here. I didn't like it the first time I did it, so this new one is "Planet Buster 2".
OF COURSE this is all concept art for PUNCHgunner! Workting Title, which is a scrolling shooter I'm making that isn't a bullet hell.
I had an identity crisis last week over the enemies in the game. Since the beginning, they've slowly morphed into space-egyptians, which I thought was a pretty cool theme. Looking it up recently though, isn't that what Halo does? Oh wait, isn't that what Star Trek does? WarHammer, Evangelion, the Protoss... Shit, I guess this idea's bin done to death. So I brainstormed over what I had, and what could potentially best fit what I was doing and could be the most fun, and I stopped at "Space Cops". 

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Some embarrassingly bad ones, but y'know, that's the point!
At first I was getting really frustrated because I was thinking in terms of bullet-vests and Robocop and SWAT teams, and they all look really bulky, and I hate fat robots. So I started looking at like space FBI, and higher government police stuff, and that seemed more slick, but wavered over into Men In Black territory. Then I got really happy with these old blue n white country police, and I gave em a little belt and a little gun-holster sihlouette, and I'm KIND OF happy with where I am now. It's a lot more fun and has less baditude. I'm doing it alone though, so really I have no fucking clue when to stop concepting. I'm TENTATIVELY moving forward.
I planned out a tonne of enemies and levels:
 This is how you plan out a scrolling shooter level... right?
This is how you plan out a scrolling shooter level... right?
Designing stuff is fun, but also strangely difficult. I wish I was more than one person, cos I bet the game'd be twice as good. One thing I'm stuck on is that I have a tonne of cool enemies and new mechanics in the middle of Act 2, but I've run out of plot points. There's nothing I can do without awkwardly stretching the plot out in a sad way... my remedy for this is to completely dive into it head-first and say "and then they all get chased by wizards for 3 levels."
That was really funny as it was coming together, but I ended up just designing unique wizard enemies. So it actually didn't solve the problem. Although now the game's longer, funnier and has a bit more variety, so that's a plus I guess.
I could spend all day posting development stuff on this but I know nobody reads it, so THE NEXT POINT IS:
No Time To Explain is still on Steam Greenlight, it's ranked about #20 out of like 900 games. Here's the thing: I'm really OVER that game. I can totally see everything that's wrong with it, I've learned everything I can from it, and I think everything I make going forward will be ten times better. So to be dragging around an old game from last year is a bit sad, and reading the comments from all the people who hate it, who I agree with, is even sadder. I have a duty to not say anything bad about it or complain about it though, cos it's still for sale and I've got zero fucking money. Alex is really enthusiasticly campaigning for people to vote for it to get on Steam, so I have to be behind that regardless.
These are the unforseen contingencies when you release an indie game that IS NOT Super Meat Boy or Fez or World of Goo.
Anyway a big surprise happened when I was looking through our old soundtrack, and long story short I put a tonne o songs on Youtube:
  Read the Description on that video if you're interested in where they came from, and click through our channel to find about 5 more SECRET MYSTERY NEGA-TRACKS!!!!
I'll stop there! There's loads more stuff I done this month, but this post is long enough. Again, David Jaffe, Jonathon Blow, Cliff Bleszinski are all here, check out-- other thingss... uh look just have fun on the internet. I'm never super enthusiastic on GiantBomb blog posts cos they're always about a month after everything happened.