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My Steam Release, and other things



My game comes out on Steam TODAY. 10am PST, I think. I'll be sending out a few thousand steam codes to all the people that bought it already today.
It got greenlit on November 30th 2012. Getting on Steam is a big deal- how big a deal? I dunno! I've never done it before!
I made this game over a year ago, and I'm not that big a fan of it any more. I'm excited and nervous about how this'll sell, cos it COULD mean that I can spend the next few months, or year, working on a brand new idea!! (future ideas will be much better than this fuckin thing)


Speaking of new ideas: I made a prototype about a month ago, and something interesting came up. Remember when I asked how Bully would work with all girls, and I just got called out on being sexist for 8 pages? Well in brainstorming ideas, I actually formed a game I thought would be pretty cool. It's like a decision-based emergent adventure game like Walking Dead, except you do High School and make friends n enemies that way. So I crapped out a hundred randomly generated names n copy-pasted a tonne of facebook posts and stitched this together.
After a while I stopped cos it's a lot of database stuff and some writing, and that's not fun to do. Which is worrying, right? I ENJOY making fast-paced combat games and comedy games and all this animation, but on the other hand I wanna make this lil thing, or a big world-travelling Final Fantasy adventure game, but that would be a huge slog to make... and if I'm not enjoying the work then why bother being independant, right?
In the future, am I gonna only make the kind of games I enjoy making, or am I gonna push myself through work I don't like? I dunno!
Back to things I like: I had a huge burst of energy yesterday and planned out something I wanna prototype. If this Steam game goes well, I'll get started on this:


Y'know those badass videos of people hopping out of jets in Battlefield? This is a whole game built around that. You fly a jet around, like an Ace Combat dog-fighting game, and at any time you can eject out.
Up in the air, you can see people flying around, and can freefall down and use a Just Cause grappling-hook to nab onto a foe and steal their jet. Up in the air, you are very easy to kill, because men are not made of metal, although you can turn in place and shoot in any direction, because men are not the size of jets.

Instead of stealing someone's jet, maybe you just wanna shoot them and get back in yours. This is OK, because you can call your jet back to you like the hammer of Thor. If someone destroys or steals your jet while you're not in it though, you'll have to just float there in a parachute and (probably) get shot to death.

In freefall, you can also catch missiles in mid-flight and steer them around. You might want to grapple someone else in freefall and wrestle their parachute away from them.
In jet-form you might want to aim at a falling team-mate and catch them, or let them ride on you. You might want to launch your million-dollar aircraft at a foe and eject out just in time. If someone tries to hijack you, you'll have to shake them off, or fly straight downwards and eject at the last second.
Recharging your resources wirelessly within an area around your base will encourage everyone to stay close together.

That's the idea. I hope I can prototype it soon. The game is a dog-fight combat game, except you can ditch the jet and go hands-on in an idiotic twist. You and your friends can have fun swapping jets in the sky, and catching each other. Class-based? WHO KNOWS!!! I don't!

That's it.

I have a couple other prototypes: A 1x1x5 rubix cube with letters on it where you have to make every side spell a word... possible iOS game?
A beat-em-up couched within a scrolling shooter that's lookin really good...
Have this idea for a Final Fantasy without the combat, that focuses on the feeling you get from just exploring towns and shopping...
but I don't wanna make this post like 20 pages long, y'know? Anyway, just an update! I'm super pumped about JetGetters, I just started planning that yesterday.
That was it.