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New Game Announced, By Us, Right Now!

Check out this trailer, animated by me!

tinyBuild's official second game is SpeedRunners! Hitting Steam Early Access soon, but please play the beta before then so we can make sure nothing's broken.

I'm doing art and animation. It's still in production so GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!
The game's designed by our new BFFs at DoubleDutch, and in a funny old way we're actually publishing it.

Had that one in the chamber for a while. Since last post I've MOVED TO THE NETHERLANDS. It was a whole big crazy thing, this is my first time moving anywhere, and I had to leave all my family and friends behind at the airport. I could talk about that forever, it's a big huge deal, but the most relevant thing is that the official tinyBuild offices will be UP SOON in Hilversum. We're right near and around developers of such games as Awesomenauts, Ridiculous Fishing, Kill Zone 3, and of course the beloved FINGLE.

I seriously have moved to the Netherlands, I don't know any fucking Dutch.

SpeedRunners is an awesome game to play in-person. The screen keeps up with whoever's in the lead, and you have to knockout everyone else by getting them off the screen, like in Smash Brothers. I came in and started designing characters for it- so far there's 4 in-game, and a tonne of others on my hard-drive. I want a billion fucking stoopid-ass characters to find and collect (and trade? boy I sure hope so)

Can you tell who was in that trailer?? Of course it's fucking world-famous Joshua Tomar, the announcer from SkullGirls. We actually had Druox from No Time To Explain on standby, so a couple of his lines made it in there too right before it went up. This is my first time not 100% taking over control of our trailers. Please complain about it a lot so I get it back next time.

I have a bunch of other stuff to say, but I know none of you fuckers ever read this, so it's a good job I'm just copy-pasting the top half.