No Time update + CONTEST

I just realized Giantbomb is a pretty Photoshop-heavy place so I might aswel post this here. Incase you forgot I'm makin a game, and it's almost done.


I'm hastily goin through the game and improving things, we're working on our launch trailer, we know exactly what we're gonna get to work on next, and I'm scared of what people are gonna say!

2 guys over Skype, 6 months, will it be a high calibur debut homerun? or will it be another weaksauce wimper? THE ANSWER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

Anyway we're starting a contest to pass the time.

Make a cliche over-the-top dramatic blockbuster poster for No Time To Explain,
by August 5th
send it to
and the winner'll get a credit in the game, and the game for free!

GET PHOTOSHOPPIN'! Extra points for makin it orange and teal, extra points for harsh lighting, extra points for portraying our dudes as badass wifebeaters, jus goof around with it.

ppffffff you'll be way better than half the other nobody's entertin, come ooonnnnnn!!

If you've not bin keepin up to date with all this, then what the fuck man, read our posts! Or read our Twitter; WILL YOU BE FOLLOWER 1000?

Launch trailer comin up, game comin up, exciting news comin up! Ask me anything

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